Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Control, Instrumentation & Automation)


Program Description

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Control, Instrumentation & Automation) involves wide range areas in discussing methods of production or products and equipment. Control engineering, instrumentation, and automation is a combination of three areas, namely, Control Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering and Automation Engineering. The combination of these three areas will result in a complex system. It includes analysis and design of control systems, robotics, and exposure to the FMS system and automation.

Course Implementation

This course would take four (4) years minimum and consist of at least 138 credit hours.

This course will be conducted with approximately 80% of contact hours that emphasize theory and the remainder 20% meeting hour, involving the practical / laboratory experiments, computer-aided learning, and Problem Based Learning (PBL). It also encourages active and cooperative learning activities other than carrying out assignments, job workshops, industrial training and one final year project based on the industrial problem.

Graduates Career Prospects

Vacancies within the industries for engineers that are skill and practical oriented which are going to be produced by UTeM have long not been fulfilled. Lots of highly trained workforces in the entire engineering sector including Industry Power, Control, Instrumentation and Automation, Power Electronics and Drive and Mechatronics in professional level are required. Job opportunities for UTeM graduates in these fields will be more comprehensive when they have been equipped with the technical knowledge and strong practical skills.

Field of works for Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering graduates include:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing industries
  • Electrical items manufacturing
  • High and Low Voltage components manufacturing
  • Renewable Energy sector
  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Consultancies Companies
  • High technology industries such as aerospace industries
  • Automation System manufacturing industries
  • Biomedical Engineering Firms
  • Software Development Sector
  • Research and Development Sector

Some of the career fields that are suitable include Process and Manufacturing Engineer, Design and Research Engineer, Consultancies Engineer, Testing and Quality Engineer, System Engineer and Academicians.

Last updated February 2018

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