Bachelor of Education in Science


Program Description

In today’s world, man strives for further advancement in science and technology. This advancement can only be achieved through teaching our youths the basic and advanced levels of science.

As a science teacher, it shall be your responsibility to enlighten students on the “what’s”, “why’s” and “how’s” of the world around them. At St Theresa, our Bachelors of Education in Science (International Program) aims to give you the skills needed for inspiring students to pursue scientific curiosities and make well-informed decisions throughout their studies.

What will I learn?

Our Bachelor of Education in Science (International Program) aims to prepare students for leadership roles as science teachers of primary and secondary schools in Thailand or abroad. Students will be equipped with knowledge for teaching the basic levels of science that encompasses biology, physics, geology, geography, and chemistry. Together with modern laboratory and teaching facilities, the program will help our students grow academically, intellectually and professionally as science teachers.

Objectives of the Program:

Prepare teachers for an active career in all facets of professional education. Develop the intellectual, professional and social characteristics of teachers to enable them to become responsible leaders within the school and the community. Enhance the capabilities of teachers so that they are able to teach effectively at schools.

Provide a basis for science education training to enable teachers to pursue further advanced training in both professional and academic areas. Notable core courses that students are required to study include Statistics, Physical Science, Computer Applications, Principles of Education and Teaching Profession, Curriculum Development, Innovation and Information Technology in Education, Learning Design and Management.

For their last year of the program, students are required to partake in internship training where they are required to teach in real school compounds under the close supervision of school administrators and St Theresa lecturers. After completing the program, all students will receive their Bachelor’s degree with official teaching license (to be issued by the Teachers Council of Thailand).

Extra-Curricular Activities

B.Ed. students are required to partake in extra-curricular activities all year round, in order to help them advance academically, socially, nationally and internationally. Activities included:

  • Strengthening of English speaking skills through involvement in STIC Radio Channel.
  • Community service that involves the teaching of mathematics at local schools in Nakhon Nayok.
  • Preservation of Thai traditions, arts, and culture during national festivals (i.e. Songkran Water Festival, Loi Krathong Festival, Christmas’ Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Wai Khru Teacher’s Day).
  • Compete in academic contests at national and international level.
  • Visit local and international schools to learn and experience real-world classroom activities.

The Possibilities Are Endless

After completion of the program, you shall be ready to pursue and obtain a license in Science Teaching Profession for basic education. Graduates shall be qualified to teach in all areas of general science to a student at schools and educational institutions both locally and abroad.


  • Work in schools and educational institutions locally and abroad
  • Educators/experts on teaching Science
  • Creative writers for media and innovation
  • Further study locally and abroad
  • Academic writers/administrators in publishing companies
  • Work in science-related field in government and non-government organizations


Our Bachelor of Education in Science is accredited by the Teachers Council of Thailand and the Office of the Higher Education Commission.

Before You Apply

  • Applicants must have successfully completed high school (M.6) or equivalent.
  • Applicants should be able to demonstrate excellent mental and physical health.
  • Applicants should have satisfactory proficiency in the English language.
  • Applicants must be of a good moral character and psychological capacity, and no contagious diseases.

Applicants should forward to us the below-listed documents:

  • Completed application form and fees.
  • Certified true copy official transcript of records.
  • Certified true copy of National ID card or passport.
  • Two (2) recently taken 2×2 inch photographs.
  • Certified true copy of name change certificate (if any).
Last updated Feb 2018

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