Bachelor of Education in English


Program Description


This program focuses on producing quality English teachers. The program is designed to comply with Office of Higher Education Commission (O.H.E.C.) and The Teachers Council of Thailand. Students take coursework for four years with qualified and experienced instructors and practice teaching in a high school for one year to earn hands-on experience. English is a medium of instruction of the curriculum. Students will study in a conducive atmosphere for learning and preparing themselves to be quality English teachers and global citizens.


The English language is a very important subject in Thailand and every nation worldwide. The students who enroll in this program will have the opportunity to develop their English knowledge and several methods of teaching the English language as a second language. The program is highly practical since it requires students, throughout their five years of study, to use the English language for a variety of academic and professional objectives. This program is intended to prepare qualified middle school, high school, or secondary school teachers of English with in-depth knowledge of the English language. The graduates will have a high level of proficiency in English by fulfilling the language exit requirement as stipulated by the institute, as well as lifelong learning skills and are able to appreciate moral and social and cultural values. They will also have the great ability to assist students in middle school, high school, or secondary school to learn English as a second language effectively.


Bachelor of Education (English)

  • USD 10,818 or THB 386,000 throughout the Curriculum
  • USD 1,082 or THB 38,600 per Semester
  • USD 280 or THB 10,000 per Summer Session

Student VISA

International students are required to prepare documents for Student VISA (Non-Immigrant - ED) in the following and submit to International Affairs Unit Office upon completion of admission:

  1. Your passport and two copies of passport,
  2. Two copies of Immigration Bureau (T. M. 6) paper,
  3. Three 2-inch photos,
  4. Two copies of high school transcript,
  5. Two copies of university receipt *
  6. Two copies of Student ID Card *
  7. Medical Check-Up (within the last three months)

* Received upon enrolment


Modern Facilities in Excellent Environment

  • Classical Music Chamber
  • Language Lab
  • Library with Multimedia Services
  • Modern Computer Center and Internet Center
  • Multimedia Production Lab
  • Post Office
  • Prayer Room
  • SALC (Self-Access Learning Center)
  • Shuttle Service and Car Service
  • Sport Center
  • Student One-Stop Service (S.O.S.)
  • Student Union
  • U-Studio/ U-Radio/ U-Plaza

Student Welfare Services

  • Counseling Service
  • Health Center
  • Job-seeking Service
  • Personal Insurance
  • Scholarships (awarded to students with good academic records and/ or outstanding athletic abilities)
  • Student Dormitory
  • Student-focused Rental Accommodation Service (Off-campus)
  • The Madam Praneet Didyasarin Scholarships for Foreign Students
  • Up to 1 year of academic experience in another country
  • Work-exchange Scholarships

Equivalence of the High School Diploma

Applicants from schools (in Thailand and overseas) must have obtained an academic result which meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education. The applicants must bring their academic results to International Affairs Unit Office to proceed the results to the Bureau of Educational Testing, Ministry of Education in Bangkok to verify an equivalency of the degree. The applicant is required to process it by themselves at the nearest Office of Basic Education Commission.

Last updated Jul 2018

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