Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Chinese History)


Program Description

This programme will accept applications in 2021. (No admission for 2020 entry)

The programme information contained herein is subject to changes and for reference only.

Programme Aims

The programme aims to cultivate students with professional ethics, creativity, lively teaching abilities and a global perspective for teaching the subject of Chinese History in secondary schools. Graduates of the programme are expected to:

  • Be competent in pedagogical and curriculum development skills as well as discipline knowledge with the understanding of the contemporary significance of the Chinese historical issues;
  • Possess critical thinking and analytical skills to solve problems in a logical and creative way;
  • Communicate and interact effectively with others in social and professional contexts; and
  • Demonstrate global awareness with a high standard of morality.

Programme Structure

Domain Credit Points (cps)
Major 39
Education Studies 30 
Final Year Project 6
Field Experience 20
Electives 30
General Education 22
Language Enhancement 9
Total: 156

Note: Classes will be held in Tai Po Campus and Tseung Kwan O Study Centre / Kowloon Tong Satellite Study Centre / Sports Centre as decided by the University.


The major courses are designed to foster students’ knowledge in Chinese History across the broadly conceived areas – Foundation of Chinese Historical Studies, History of Modern China, History of Modern Hong Kong, Topical Studies in Chinese History related to the HKDSE, Field Research and Advanced Chinese Historical Studies.

Education Studies

Education Studies gives students the chance to study teaching and learning from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students will study early childhood/school education from psychological, sociological, philosophical, pedagogical and other perspectives. Students will develop a range of skills necessary for professional practice, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, communication, social interaction, ethical decision making and global perspectives. Education Studies helps students appreciate the importance of professional excellence, ethical responsibility and innovation to the role of a teacher. We aim for our graduates to become beginning teachers who are caring and competent, intellectually enthusiastic, socially committed, and globally aware.

Final Year Project

Students will complete either an Honours Project or a Capstone Project in the final year of study.


Electives provide greater flexibility and multiple learning pathways for students to develop their interests and explore their career aspirations.

Field Experience

Students will be placed in schools which are important sites for learning to teach and where they will interpret, generate, interact and experiment with theory. Block Practice will be conducted in local schools in which the medium of instruction may vary depending on the policy of the schools. Students should be able to demonstrate a proficient level of Cantonese/English/Putonghua# to conduct Block Practice.

# for Chinese Language teaching in some schools only

Important Note: The University will ask students of our full-time teacher education programmes (e.g. Bachelor of Education programmes) to declare whether they have been convicted of or are being prosecuted for any sex-related offence in Hong Kong or elsewhere, and to provide relevant details prior to undertaking teaching practice. Such information may be released to their placement schools. The University reserves the right not to allow these students to attend the block teaching practice. If so, they won't be able to meet the graduation requirements of the programmes.

General Education

The General Education programme prepares students to be active agents of change, by broadening their intellectual horizons, helping them make connections among different areas of knowledge and between their formal studies and life outside the classroom, and strengthening their capacity for sound thinking and good judgement. It offers a varied but balanced mix of individual courses across a range of subject areas and disciplines, set within an integrated structure of (i) General Education Foundation Course, (ii) Experiential Learning, (iii) General Education Breadth Courses, and (iv) University ePortfolio with a total of 22 credit points (cps).

Language Enhancement

The University is committed to nurturing graduates who will acquire trilingual proficiency in English, Putonghua and Chinese.

Career Prospects/Professional Qualifications

The programme aims to produce committed secondary school Chinese History teachers with qualified teacher status (QTS). Graduates of the Chinese History programme should also be capable of taking up non-teaching positions in editing, museum or government.

EdUHK is one of the teacher education providers in Hong Kong. Graduates of the University’s teacher education programmes are eligible to become fully qualified and registered teachers. As regards teacher registration, graduates should approach the Teacher Registration Section of the Education Bureau (EDB) to submit applications directly. All applications will be assessed by the EDB.

Last updated May 2020

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