Bachelor of Creative Media Production


Program Description

Welcome to the Bachelor of Creative Media Production.

We have recently introduced our four new programme pathways, designed to focus your experience towards particular industry disciplines that reflect industry standards.

  • Film & TV
  • Animation & VFX
  • Game development
  • Creative Technologies
  • Producing & Directing

Choosing a pathway is optional, and you can always define your own degree within all of the CMP courses.

As a university, the programme embraces critical and contextual studies -- while we teach to the artistic and the technical, we do so in order for you to be able to deliver your story. Your vision.

We are looking for students who can engage with content, who are open to experimentation and developing new modes of creativity and expression.

As the film and technology capital of the South Pacific, Wellington is known for its collaborative network of creative and technology companies. It’s the ideal place to kick start your career and build your reputation, learning from the best in the world.

However, the creative media industry is inherently international -- work can take you to all over the world. We embrace the new global industry. The College of Creative Arts is NASAD approved as Substantially Equivalent.

Now, let’s take a look at the pathways themselves.

Film and Television

In the Film and Television, degree pathway students will learn a wide range of professional techniques for producing high-quality video content for film and television, from pre-production through to post-production. Students will learn creative techniques via hands-on experience with industry standard and emerging digital technologies including high-end professional cameras and lenses, sound equipment, advanced lighting rigs, and editing software.

Animation and VFX

In the Animation and Visual Effects pathway students learn cutting-edge post-production techniques using industry-standard software, and are taught by academic staff with extensive professional experience working on major blockbuster films. Our state-of-the-art equipment — including high-end digital video cameras, green screen, and motion-capture studios — allow students to realise their creative vision through original student-led projects and client-based briefs.

Game Development

The Game Development pathway spans art asset creation, game design, and programming, and explores diverse creative and technical aspects involved in the creation of new gaming experiences for various digital platforms. Students will develop skills in game prototyping and design, testing, and deployment using industry-standard game engines and pipeline, and will explore the meaning and effect of linear and non-linear narratives in modern games.

Creative Technologies

The Creative Technologies pathway prepares students for rapidly evolving digital and online platforms. Blending the creative and the technical, as well as software and hardware, courses explore the processes and conceptions essential to creating dynamic, intuitive, and engaging interactive digital content. Students will learn creative coding, hardware development, data visualization, and how to build cross-platform web applications using cutting-edge technologies.

Producing and Directing

In the Producing and Directing, pathway students interested in creative leadership will learn professional techniques and tools for shepherding creative projects to completion. Through initial ideation and pitching, intellectual property development, pre-production scheduling and budgeting, fundraising and stakeholder management, students in this pathway will have hands-on experience in this highly in-demand field.

You’ll take advantage of the College’s extensive industry connections and benefit from studying in a city recognised worldwide for its creativity and innovation in contemporary media brands and production.

Using industry-standard production facilities, you will respond to briefs that combine creative studio practice, linear and non-linear storytelling, professional practice, events production and portfolio development.

Key facts

  • Three years full-time
  • Available at Wellington
  • Learn from award-winning professionals
  • Programme available for international students studying in NZ only

Degree structure

During year one, you can try many different disciplines. Each introductory course assumes no prior knowledge in the field, so we encourage you to try as many as possible. You may have never made a video game, for example, and by trying it, you might discover it is exactly what you love. The first year is all about trying new things and building a baseline of technical skill across many disciplines.

In year two, you will expand your skills in your chosen pathway, both in targeted technical courses and in group-based multidisciplinary courses, where you’ll work alongside students from other disciplines to create truly cross-media projects.

In the third year, you form into self-selected multidisciplinary groups for your Major Project. Year 3 also has pathway-specific advanced courses, designed to be flexible in their content to respond to the particular needs of those major projects. These capstone technical courses support the major project, allowing you to realise your own particular vision for your graduating portfolio work.

Beyond the degree, Massey has opportunities for further study, including Post-graduate Diplomas and 2-year Master’s degrees, all of which can be tailored to your chosen specialisation and medium.


The 21st century is all about cross-media and change. Games, apps, web, film, video, animation, VFX, audio - they are morphing rapidly. The Bachelor of Creative Media Production sets you up for the new world - with your industry experience, critical grounding and practical know-how, you’ll hit the ground running when you graduate and have the flexibility to push the boundaries, re-inventing your craft and your media many times over the course of your career.

BCMP prepares students to enter creative media production jobs, including: interactive producer, web developer, app developer, concept artist, storyboard artist, art director, animator, CG artist, motion capture animators, digital effects artist, visual effects producer, special effect technical director, games art director, games developer, web and mobile games producer, audio producer, sound designer, sound recording engineer, camera operator, lighting technician, editor, animatronics artist, mechanisms producer, modeling technician, filmmaker, producer, director.

Last updated Nov 2019

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For more than 80 years, Massey University has helped shape the lives and communities of people in New Zealand and around the world. Its forward-thinking spirit, research-led teaching, and cutting-edge ... Read More

For more than 80 years, Massey University has helped shape the lives and communities of people in New Zealand and around the world. Its forward-thinking spirit, research-led teaching, and cutting-edge discoveries make Massey New Zealand’s defining university. Read less
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