In a highly complex and competitive world, graduates need to have employable skills to get the best jobs. Though graduation may seem distant at the start of the program, it is wise to plan early. With that in mind, the academic leadership at S P Jain has redesigned its undergraduate Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program to focus on skills like critical thinking and global agility, without compromising on technical knowledge.

BBA Highlights

  • 4-year undergraduate course
  • 3 cutting-edge specialisations to choose from: Marketing, Finance and Entrepreneurship
  • Qualifies you to work in Australia, upon completion
  • Best prepare you for elite international MBA programs
  • Makes you highly competitive in the global business arena
  • Option to complete 1st year in Mumbai or Singapore
  • Option to transfer to BEC or BBC in the 2nd year

What’s new about our BBA?

  • A brand new major in Entrepreneurship
  • An “Employability and Practitioner Skills Series” to help you develop key real-world attributes like global intelligence and effective communication
  • Two new core subjects: Self-directed learning and Reading signals & trends
  • Entrepreneurship Project as an alternative to the current Action Learning Project
  • Transfer to BEC/BBC after the first year of BBA.

Tri-City Model

As a BBA student at S P Jain, you study in three dynamic cities – the first year in Singapore, followed by a year in Dubai and the final two years in Sydney. This multi-city model offers you the perfect backdrop to learn the global business, apply your learning in an international context, build important global networks, and develop and demonstrate key real-world attributes.


Recognising that business graduates must be able to pursue a variety of careers, the new BBA includes three cutting-edge majors in Finance, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. These majors expose you to a wide range of subjects that hone your critical and analytical skills and prepare you to embark on careers as global business leaders. Top students are allowed to do a “minor” in addition to their chosen major.

In addition to, and subject to obtaining prior permission from the academic leadership, you may opt to complete one, or more, minor(s) or a double major.


The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) major in Marketing aims to prepare students for careers in marketing, providing them with hands-on experience in employing the most recent principles and practices in contemporary marketing. Students opting for this major learn about topics like global marketing, e-commerce, services marketing, brand management and buyer behaviour, all critical for effectively and efficiently marketing products and services.


The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) major in Finance is designed to give a detailed understanding of the financial problems confronting a manager in a corporate setting and provides you with the skills to develop financial solutions for governments, corporations and high net-worth individuals. The major covers highly innovative and up-to-the-minute topics like financial statement analysis, financial markets and institutions, international finance, investment analysis, trading and portfolio management, and financial and risk modelling.


The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) major in Entrepreneurship aims to foster a strong entrepreneurial mindset among students. Students who opt for this major will graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to create a business and to turn their creative ideas into new companies. The major covers topics such as foundations of entrepreneurship, commercialisation strategy, fundraising, entrepreneurial finance, deal structuring and social entrepreneurship.

Courses & Credits

To fulfil the requirements of the BBA degree, students must complete 30 core subjects, 2 Regional Research Projects, 6 specialisations and 1 Action Learning/Entrepreneurship Project aligned to the chosen specialist field.

In Semesters I to IV inclusive, the student would study 5 subjects per semester - 4 general business subjects and 1 liberal arts subject.

Prior to commencing study in semester V, each student would select one specialised business area for more intensive study.

In semesters V to VII inclusive, each student would study 2 specialised business subjects and 2 general business subjects.

In semester VIII, each student would study 2 specialised business subjects and will be required to undertake 1 major project aligned to his/her chosen specialised area of study. In making their choice of specialist business subjects a student shall choose at least 6 subjects from an area of specialisation and the remaining 2 subjects may be chosen from any of the other subjects listed under the specialised business areas of study. In choosing subjects and their sequencing each student would consult with their course advisor.

Students are taught 5 subjects per semester. They attend lectures and tutorials all 5 days of the week for a duration of 3 hours per day. Thus the total contact hours per subject per semester are 36 hours, and the total contact hours per semester are 180 hours.



What we are looking for:

Students must have completed high school/secondary school/junior college or some equivalent form of secondary education and placed in the top 25% of their class.

Students are shortlisted on the basis of their Year 10 or most recent Board exam (taken in the past 2 years) and S P Jain Entrance Test (SPJET) or SAT score.

S P Jain accepts transfer students into the BBA program. In order to assess their eligibility and for the admission criteria for transfer to credits, students may write to bba@spjain.org.

The eligibility criteria vary for students of different origin. Details of the same are mentioned below:

Indian Applicants The acceptable requirements for Year 12: Successful completion of the All India Senior School Certification Examination (CBSE) or the India School Certificate (ISC) Year 12 exam or the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) from the Indian State Boards with a minimum of 70%.

International Baccalaureate (IB): Completion of the International Baccalaureate Diploma with no fewer than 32 points gained through the study of at least six subjects, three of which should be at the higher level.Australian Applicants The acceptable requirements for Year 12: Completion of the NSW Higher School Certificate with an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 85 or greater or its interstate equivalent.

Completion of an approved course at the level of Certificate IV taken at a registered provider of technical and vocational education in NSW or its interstate equivalent.

International Baccalaureate (IB): Completion of the International Baccalaureate Diploma with no fewer than 32 points gained through the study at least six subjects, three of which should be at the higher level. Possession of qualifications deemed equivalent to either of the above three points.International Applications The acceptable requirements for Year 12: International Baccalaureate (IB): Completion of the International Baccalaureate Diploma with no fewer than 32 points gained through the study of at least six subjects, three of which shall be at the higher level.

A-levels: A minimum of grades B, B, B in 3 Advanced level subjects in the same sitting.English Language Requirements All students would be expected to demonstrate an acceptable proficiency in English. This would be assessed during the evaluations.

There is no English Language score required for admission to S P Jain. When transferring to Sydney, students must secure an acceptable English Language score. This is mandatory for obtaining an Australian visa. Full details on the English language requirements for Australian student visas are available here.

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