Bachelor of Business Administration


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Program Description

Due to covid-19, we apply 25% discount on tuition fees until mid-July 2020. We also have a flexible policy: tuition fees can be paid in installments. 


The world is becoming more global every year. The UBIS degree teaches a robust, global business perspective at an exclusive university in Geneva, Switzerland. UBIS enrolls students from 40+ countries to fill its private campus each year.

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a three-year program. UBIS BBA offers a very innovative unique pedagogy, based on small groups (10 to 14 students) working on a real project (their own students’ projects).

Students should be ready for the changes in the global business market. Students will be able to gain a clear understanding of not only the business world and how it operates but also what goes into making an international corporation successful.

Students can also benefit from UBIS’ mobility program, giving them the option to do one or several terms in a partner school.

Students also can get a Dual Swiss/U.S. Degree, which is jointly delivered with the University of Potomac, based in Washington DC.


Program Objectives

  • To prepare students to perform entry-level management functions in a wide variety of industries.
  • To develop student’s proficiency in information technology.

Program Outline

To receive a Bachelor of Business Administration, students must earn 120.0 semester credit hours.



Stepping Stone 1

Sequence Code Title Pre Requisites Credit Hours
1 ENGL 101 English Composition I   3.0
2 GNED 112 Student Success Strategies   3.0
3 MATH 110 College Math: Algebra   3.0
4 COMP 125
GNED 106
Computer Fundamentals
Beginning Foreign Language
5 MGMT 217 Organizational Diversity   3.0
6 BUSN 110 Foundations of Business   3.0
7 SCIE 112 Environmental Science   3.0
8 MRKT 110 Principles of Marketing   3.0
9 GNED 206
ANTH 201
Intermediate Foreign Language
Anthropology of Education
10 ENGL 102 English Composition II ENGL 101 3.0

Stepping Stone 2

Sequence Code Title Pre Requisites Credit Hours
11 PHIL 240 Ethics Introduction   3.0
12 ACCT 101 Accounting I   3.0
13 ECON 201 Principles of Economics MATH 110 3.0
14 BUSN 210 Business Mathematics MATH 110 3.0
15 PSYC 201 Principles of Psychology   3.0
16 SOCI 233 Cross-Cultural Communication   3.0
17 MGMT 235 Global Market Competition Management   3.0
18 ENGL 295 Research & Report Writing ENGL102 3.0
19 MGMT 218 International Economics   3.0
20 MGMT 215 International Political Economy ECON 201 3.0

Stepping Stone 3

Sequence Code Title Pre Requisites Credit Hours
21 ACCT 102 Accounting II ACCT 101 3.0
22 MGMT 221 Contemporary Management Practices   3.0
23 ACCT 210 Cost Accounting ACCT101 3.0
24 MRKT 319 Principles of Marketing and Advertising   3.0
25 MGMT 315 Managerial Accounting and Financial Analysis ACCT101 3.0
26 STAT 323 Research & Statistical Analysis MATH 110 3.0
27 BUSN 310 Export Procedures & Practices   3.0
28 MGMT 303 International Business Management   3.0
29 MGMT 305 Organizational Communication   3.0
30 BUSN 301 International Business Law   3.0

Stepping Stone 4

Sequence Code Title Pre Requisites Credit Hours
31 MRKT 324 International Marketing   3.0
32 MGMT 238 Introduction to Human Resources   3.0
33 MCAP 303 Organization and Technology of Information Management COMP 125 3.0
34 MGMT 411 Performance Measurement and Evaluation   3.0
35 MGMT 330 Purchasing and Materials Management   3.0
36 MGMT 435 Strategic Management and Planning   3.0
37 MGMT 417 Human Resources Management   3.0
38 MGMT 420 International Banking and Finance   3.0
39 MGMT 427 Operations and Project Management   3.0
40 RESP 480 Capstone project   3.0


The University of Business and International Studies (UBIS) has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. 

Last updated Jun 2020

About the School

UBIS, an innovative young, boutique institution that delivers modern programs in Business and International Relations, is located in Geneva There is no other city in the world with so much access to t ... Read More

UBIS, an innovative young, boutique institution that delivers modern programs in Business and International Relations, is located in Geneva There is no other city in the world with so much access to the world headquarters of major businesses, financial institutions and international organizations. The UBIS DNA is composed of three main factors: Real-World Experience, Individual Attention and an International Perspective. UBIS’ professors are highly qualified professionals who bring real-world problems into their classrooms and equip students to analyze these problems critically and in terms applicable to the business environment. Our professors provide students with a strategic framework to deal with the issues that they will face in their professional lives. UBIS is attentive to the evolving needs of the marketplace and constantly adapts its course content and methodologies to ensure that our graduates possess the knowledge and transferable skills necessary to succeed in this rapidly changing world. Read less