Access to the job market faster!

This program enables the student to acquire and develop the skills needed to perform management functions in companies.

The training provides a general training allowing the student to be effective in all areas of the company.

The graduate can speak fluently in French and English. The program gives solid academic training to those who want to pursue higher education.


Some of our graduates choose to pursue higher education. For example: MBA - Masters in Business Administration; M.Sc. - Master of Science; M.Sc.pol. - Master's degree in Political Science; LL.B. - Bachelor of Laws.

Our programs provide access to accreditations, such as: CA - Chartered Accountant, CMA - Certified Management Accountant, CGA - Certified General Accountant, PACI - Accredited International Trade Professional. This diploma prepares our students for careers in the public, private and parapublic sectors. For example: they can perform the following functions: financial analyst, accountant, consultant, banking specialist, human resources, marketing agent, business manager, employment counselor, start their own business ... This list is not comprehensive.

Admission criteria

High school diploma or equivalent with the required courses for the chosen program.

Structure of the program

126 credits - 4 years

6 French credits *

12 English credits **

78 credits administration

  • DROI 2023: Introduction to Commercial Law
  • COMM 1013: Financial Accounting I
  • COMM 1023: Financial Accounting II
  • FINA 2113: Financial Mathematics
  • FINA 3013: Financial Management I
  • ADMN 1133: Computer and Office Technology I
  • ADMN 2113: Management Principles I
  • ADMN 2033: Marketing Principles
  • ADMN 2133: Computer and Office Technology II
  • ADMN 2123: Management Principles II
  • ADMN 3123: Organizational Theories
  • ADMN 4193: Human Resources Management
  • FR / AD 2233: Business French
  • COMM 3143: Management Accounting
  • 9 credits ADMN 3000
  • and 27 ADMN / COMM / FINA / DROI credits to choose from

12 credits human sciences

  • ECON 1013: Microeconomic principles
  • ECON 1023: Macroeconomic Principles
  • and 6 credits

15 elective credits

3 science credits

  • MATH 1213: Statistics I

* According to the result of the ranking test of the Department of French Studies. The student must complete the course FRAN 1453: Academic Writing II and may have to use his elective courses to achieve this. The student ranked beyond FRAN 1453: Academic Writing II during the ranking test must follow 6 credits of LITT or LING courses.

** The student must complete 6 credits of ANGL level 2000 courses. For the student who ranks at the ANLS level according to the result of the English ranking test, one can substitute the credits of ANGL with credits of ANLS .

Special Academic Regulations

The courses of the specialization (administration) must be successful with an average of at least 2.30. To graduate, the student must have an average of 2.00.

The minimum requirements for graduation are also those that apply from year to year to judge the status of the student and allow him to continue his program.

Program taught in:
  • French
Last updated March 24, 2019
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