Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing


Program Description

Marketing is part and parcel of every successful business operations. One of the premier marketing activities is to understand customers' value expectations and develop a marketing plan that will meet and exceed those expectations at the right time, at the right place and at the right price. Indeed, in today’s ultra-competitive global business environment, strategic positioning of products/services and brands are considered critical success factors for virtually all organizations. Proactive organizations require marketing strategies necessary to meet consumer demands, gain a sustainable competitive advantage, and enhance financial performance. The BBA in Marketing prepares students to succeed in the ever-changing global business environment. It provides students with an understanding of all aspects of the marketing function within the organization. Students will be exposed to current theories and practices in consumer behavior, marketing research, sales, retailing, advertising, & promotion, branding and e-Marketing.


Graduates with a BBA in Marketing will be equipped to contribute to the development and implementation of marketing strategies, to analyze market trends, and capitalize on promotional opportunities. The marketing specialization is designed to enable students to analyze the problems of providing consumer and industrial goods and services to a wide variety of markets. Furthermore, students learn about current and emerging trends in marketing theory and practice. The BBA in Marketing goes beyond the four walls of the classroom to include real-world, hands-on, and international experiences, where students are encouraged to explore marketing internships and study abroad opportunities that prepare them for a number of career opportunities in marketing and related areas.

Career opportunities

Career opportunities exist in global corporations, government and international agencies, international trade, and international public institutions. Marketing graduates will be qualified to find positions in broad marketing areas including the following:

  • Marketing and Sales Management: Marketing Manager; Sales Manager
  • Advertising/Promotion and Direct Marketing: Advertising and Promotion Manager; Advertising Sales Director; Account Coordinator; Media Buyer; Media Coordinator
  • Brand and Product Management: Brand Manager; Product Development Manager; Product Manager
  • Market Research: Market Analyst; Market Research Manager; Market Research Supervisor
  • Public Relations: Corporate Communications Manager; Public Relations Specialist; Public Relations Director
  • Customer Relationship Management: Customer Relationship Manager
  • Social Media Marketing: Social Media Manager
  • Healthcare Marketing: Healthcare Marketing Manager
  • Retail Management: Retail Manager
  • Purchasing and Distribution Management: Purchasing Manager; Distribution Manager
  • Global Marketing: International Marketing Manager
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Canadian University Dubai offers a Canadian based curriculum in the heart of Dubai, within the culture and values of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Canadian University Dubai (CUD) is centrally located ju ... Read More

Canadian University Dubai offers a Canadian based curriculum in the heart of Dubai, within the culture and values of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Canadian University Dubai (CUD) is centrally located just off Sheikh Zayed Road in easy walking distance from the, Dubai Metro (Financial Centre Station). Founded in 2006, the Canadian University Dubai currently consists of the School of Architecture and Interior Design, the School of Business, the School of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology and the School of Environment and Health. Read less