Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

Macao Polytechnic Institute

Program Description

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

Macao Polytechnic Institute


The objective of this program is to provide a framework for developing skills and knowledge through theoretical and applied aspects of marketing. In addition, it is to broaden the knowledge on international and industrial marketing strategies, integrated marketing communication, service marketing and in the research area.

Career Prospects

Many career opportunities are available in public and business sectors, such as marketing analysis, product management, professional sales, sales management, sales promotion, advertising, and a host of other customer service/leadership positions.

Graduates may choose to further their studies in the overseas universities that Macao Polytechnic Institute has the articulation with or any other universities they would like to study in.

Study Plan

Year 1 Subjects

  • ACCT1100 Principles of Accounting I
  • ACCT1110 Principles of Accounting II
  • BUSS1100 Introduction to Business
  • BUSS1110 Principles of Management
  • COMP1100 Business Software Applications
  • COMP1110 Business Computing With Internet Applications
  • ECON1100 Microeconomics
  • ECON1110 Macroeconomics
  • ENGL1101 English I
  • ENGL1102 English II
  • MAND1101 Putonghua I *
  • MAND1102 Putonghua II *
  • FREN1101 French I *
  • FREN1102 French II *
  • JAPN1101 Japanese I *
  • JAPN1102 Japanese II *
  • PORT1101 Portuguese I *
  • PORT1102 Portuguese II *

Year 2 Subjects

  • Complete 2 subjects from the elective group A
  • ENGL2101 English III
  • ENGL2102 English IV
  • FINA2120 Business Finance
  • HHRM2120 Human Resources Management
  • LLAW2120 Business Law
  • MATH2100 Business Mathematics
  • MATH2110 Business Statistics
  • MGMT2120 Organizational Behaviour
  • MRKT2100 Principles of Marketing
  • MRKT2110 Marketing Management

Year 3 Subjects

  • Complete 2 subjects from the elective group B
  • BUSS1120 Business Ethics
  • BUSS3130 Business Research Methods
  • COMM3120 Business Communication
  • ENGL3101 English V
  • ENGL3102 English VI
  • MRKT2120 Consumer Behaviour
  • MRKT3120 Retail Management
  • MRKT3140 Advertising and Promotion
  • MRKT3150 Services Marketing
  • MRKT3160 Marketing Research

Year 4 Subjects

  • Complete 2 subjects from the elective group B
  • ENGL4101 English VII
  • ENGL4102 English VIII
  • MGMT4140 Strategic Management
  • MGPO4100 Graduation Report I
  • MGPO4110 Graduation Report II
  • MRKT4120 Relationship Marketing
  • MRKT4140 Global Marketing Strategies
  • MRKT4150 Selected Topics in Marketing

Elective Subjects - Group A

  • BUSS0131 Environmental Management System
  • GEOG0110 World Regional Geography
  • HIST0110 Macao History and Culture
  • LLAW0120 Macao Basic Law
  • MCCO0140 Business Chinese
  • PADM0120 Introduction to Public Administration
  • PSYC0110 Introduction to Psychology
  • SOCI1130 Introduction to Sociology
  • TOUR2120 Tourism Management

Elective Subjects - Group B

  • ACCT3130 Cost Accounting
  • MMIS0140 Management Information Systems
  • MRKT0130 Sales Management
  • MRKT0131 Market Forecasting
  • MRKT0141 Business to Business Marketing
  • MRKT0142 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MRKT0143 Product Innovation and Management


*Students are required to attend Level I and II of the same language subject.

  • Putonghua I / Portuguese I / French I / Japanese I (Select one language subject)
  • Putonghua II / Portuguese II / French II / Japanese II (Select one language subject)
This school offers programs in:
  • English

Last updated February 3, 2018
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Aug. 2018
4 years
Full time
32,000 MOP
Macau - Macau
Start date: Aug. 2018
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Aug. 2018
Macau - Macau
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Macao, Chinese Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong Students: MOP$24,800 per year; Foreign Students: MOP$32,000 per year