Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing (BBA)

American University of Kuwait AUK

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Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing (BBA)

American University of Kuwait AUK

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing (BBA)

Upon completion of the A.U.K. Major in Marketing, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the understanding of basic technical skills relating to such concepts as market research surveys, assessment techniques and comparative analysis of product markets.
  • Critically assess the target market for a product and demonstrate the ability to create a plan to achieve a market share objective.
  • Analyze survey results to examine the make-up of merchandise and manufacturing markets.
  • Professionally present an analysis of market potential and communicate unique product attributes.
  • Demonstrate awareness of cultural differences in product markets and in practices relative to domestic markets.
  • Apply ethical reasoning and teambuilding practices in marketing goods and services.

Students must complete the following 4 courses (12 credit hours):

  • MRKT 329 - International Marketing (3)
  • MRKT 355 - Promotion and Advertising (3)
  • MRKT 401 - Marketing Research (3)
  • MRKT 413 - Marketing Capstone: Marketing Strategy (3)

Students must also choose in consultation with their Academic Advisor 2 courses (6 credit hours), 300-level or above, from among the disciplines offered by the College of Business and Economics (ACCT, BUS, BEAL, ECON, ENTR, HR, FINC, MGMT, MRKT).

University Degree Requirements (124 credit hours)

To receive a BBA with a Major in Accounting, Finance, Management, or Marketing, students must complete at least 124 credit hours:

  • General Education Requirements (49)
  • BBA Core Courses (37)
  • BBA Major Courses (18)
  • Internship & Common Capstone (6)
  • Free Electives (14)

Students are required to complete a minimum of 39 credit hours of upper level courses (300-level and above) at A.U.K. of which at least 18 credit hours need to be taken in the major depending on the stipulations of each program. Of the 39 credit hours of upper level courses, 27 credit hours should be in residence at A.U.K..

General Education Requirements

Students who plan on a BBA degree are required to complete the following General Education Requirements:

  • Mathematics for Business
  • Statistics

These courses are prerequisites for many Business courses, and must be completed with a grade of "C" or better. MATH 201 (Calculus I) is additionally recommended for the BBA in Finance.

BBA Core Courses (37 credit hours):

BBA students majoring in Accounting, Finance, Management or Marketing must complete the following core courses:

  • Principles of Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Legal & Ethical Issues in Business OR
  • Corporate Governance & Ethics
  • Research Methods for Business
  • International Business Management
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Professional Writing and Communication
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources Administration & Development
  • Principles of Management
  • Principles of Marketing

BBA Upper Level Courses (18 credit hours):

Students may elect to pursue the BBA degree in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, or Marketing. Students who choose to pursue one of these Majors must follow the specified guidelines for completing the Business Administration Core Requirements (applicable to Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing majors) and complete 18 upper level credit hours related to the degree program of choice (Accounting, Finance, Management or Marketing). Students Majoring in Economics must complete all required courses within the program. Upper level courses in the BBA program are listed at the Junior (300) and Senior (400) level with the following prefix designations: ACCT, BUS, BEAL, ECON, ENTR, FINC, HR, MGMT, and MRKT. Of the 18 upper level credit hours, 12 credit hours must be earned in courses specified by the relevant degree program. The remaining 6 credits (major electives) must be chosen by the student in consultation with their Academic Advisor. Courses should be selected from the Junior (300-level) or Senior (400-level) offered by the College of Business and Economics.

Double Major

Students may elect to complete two majors in the BBA program (for example Accounting and Finance, Management or Marketing) by completing all the major and major-related coursework required by the two majors including internships. A maximum of 6 credits can be shared between the two majors.

Internship and Common Capstone:

Internship (470/473): All students must participate in an Internship Program for each BBA Major. The Internship Program provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their capacity for leadership, teamwork, and business activity in the context of work experience. Internships are completed in the Junior or Senior year and while in residency at A.U.K. The student is limited to a maximum of 6 credit hours of internship. A maximum of 3 credit hours (taken in increments of 1, 2, or 3 credit hours) may be applied toward any one Major. If a student takes an additional 1-3 credit hours of internship, those credits may be counted towards a student's second Major, Minor, or as free electives. For the duration of the semester, students are responsible for working 42 hours per semester for each credit hour. Students are to refer to the College's Internship Handbook for further details of the internship process, requirements, and method of assessment. Common Capstone BUS 490 (3 credit hours): BBA students majoring in Accounting, Finance, Management and Marketing are required to complete the Common Business Administration Capstone course that integrates material from the different disciplines developed in the BBA program using cases studies. The Capstone requires Senior Standing.

Free Electives:

Students must take sufficient electives to complete the 124 credit hour requirement for graduation. They are strongly advised to consult with their Academic Advisor when choosing these electives.

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