If you are truly interested in international study and you are ready to face challenges on global markets, the International Business Management program of Didyasarin International College (DRIC) is the right choice for you. This program provides you with the information about how to successfully combine knowledge, skills, and attitude in an international and intercultural setting with the purpose of performing business related tasks in a professional manner.


The increasingly worldwide nature of exchange and industry prompts more noteworthy global rivalry for large, middle-sized and small organizations. A proactive organization should subsequently have the capacity to gather and break down outside business sector particular learning keeping in mind the end goal to take right choices about expansion. It should likewise be mindful of global fund opportunities and political advancements domestically and internationally. In globally oriented organizations, decision-making depends on business organization and controlling, additionally on attention to cultural differences and social contrasts, as well as a company's capacity to adjust.


The International Business Management program of Didyasarin International College (DRIC) offers education in international business and trade management. All classes are taught in English. Graduates may find a job in international trade, finance and banking, etc. It provides ample opportunity for the graduate to opt for private entrepreneurship and independent business. With a powerful degree producing a worldwide network of entrepreneurs, corporate executives and consultants, Business Administration in International Business Management is one of the best and most valuable types of collegiate academic programs you could possibly get into. The benefits of this program are numerous and powerful.

Bachelor of Business Administration (IBM)

  • USD 8,318 or THB 296,800 throughout the Curriculum
  • USD 1,040 or THB 37,100 per Semester
  • USD 280 or THB 10,000 per Summer Session

Student VISA

International students are required to prepare documents for Student VISA (Non-Immigrant - ED) in the following and submit to International Affairs Unit Office upon completion of admission:

  1. Your passport and two copies of passport,
  2. Two copies of Immigration Bureau (T. M. 6) paper,
  3. Three 2-inch photos,
  4. Two copies of high school transcript,
  5. Two copies of university receipt *
  6. Two copies of Student ID Card *
  7. Medical Check-Up (within the last three months)
  8. * Received upon enrolment


Modern Facilities in Excellent Environment

  • Classical Music Chamber
  • Language Lab
  • Library with Multimedia Services
  • Modern Computer Center and Internet Center
  • Multimedia Production Lab
  • Post Office
  • Prayer Room
  • SALC (Self-Access Learning Center)
  • Shuttle Service and Car Service
  • Sport Center
  • Student One-Stop Service (SOS)
  • Student Union
  • U-Studio/ U-Radio/ U-Plaza

Student Welfare Services

  • Counseling Service
  • Health Center
  • Job-seeking Service
  • Personal Insurance
  • Scholarships (awarded to students with good academic records and/ or outstanding athletic abilities)
  • Student Dormitory
  • Student-focused Rental Accommodation Service (Off-campus)
  • The Madam Praneet Didyasarin Scholarships for Foreign Students
  • Up to 1 year of academic experience in another country
  • Work-exchange Scholarships

Equivalence of the High School Diploma

Applicants from schools (in Thailand and overseas) must have obtained an academic result which meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education. The applicants must bring their academic results to International Affairs Unit Office to proceed the results to the Bureau of Educational Testing, Ministry of Education in Bangkok to verify an equivalency of the degree. The applicant is required to process it by themselves at the nearest Office of Basic Education Commission.

Program taught in:
  • English

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
June 2020
4 years
8,318 USD
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Start Date
June 2020
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June 2020

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