Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business (IBBA)


Program Description

Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business (IBBA)

We are currently accepting applications for semester 1/2013. Scholarships are available.


Considering its location at the center of mainland Southeast Asia, its well-established infrastructure to connect the rest of the Asia and the West, and an increasingly wealthy population of more than 60 million, Thailand is becoming more and more internationalized and the anattractive market for overseas investors and business owners. Additionally, in 2015 Thailand will be united with other 9 ASEAN nations as part of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), which will allow the free flow of labor and entrepreneurs.

In response to this current situation and in light ofDPU’s philosophy, “Putting knowledge into practice”, the Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business (IBBA) program is designed to prepare students to become international business professionals. The program educates students in the theoretical and practical issues in regional and global business and equips them with first-hand and real-world knowledge.An additional and important part of our program involves the development of an ethical and socially responsible outlook to business practice.


World-class industry experience lecturers from Thailand and overseas

The IBBA program offers students various subjects including business, finance, science and technology, languages, ethics and morality, and international business. Each course is taught by first-rate professors, industry professionals as well as experienced lecturers from several countries.

Exchange programs

An exchange program is offered for students who are keen to gain new international perspectives and experiences at one of our overseas partner universities and institutes such as ICN Business School in France, Swiss College of Hospitality Management (SHML) in Switzerland, Linnaeus University in Sweden, Angeles University Foundation (AUF) in The Philippines and many more.

Modern teaching methods

Teaching methods are various and focused on student-centered comprising of discussion, brain-storming, individual and group work. Students will learn through real-world case studies and examples in relation to international business from different levels, ranging from individual business owners to the government-related organizations.

Practical experience

Practicum is preferred for students in the program in order to acquaint them with real job placement and in their final semester, all students are required to attend the co-operative program in which students get real working experience at selected companies under the close guidance of supervisors. This will increase the confidence and skills for students to meet the requirements in the world of international business.

The chance to meet international students

Socially, students will meet friends and teachers from several countries. This enhances the cultural and academic strengths and this also bonds students and teachers as one unit, the International College family.


This program is open to any interested person who would like to build up or enhance their skills in international business. No matter what your background is, if you are willing to learn and are interested in different cultures and perspectives, are critical, patient and creative, you are very welcome to be part of our family.


Graduates from the IBBA program are eligible to apply for lower management positions and sales positions in international companies. Many of our graduates also decide to pursue a higher degree at Dhurakij Pundit University International College.


Semester 1: August - December

Semester 2: January - May

Summer: June - August

Undergraduate Applications Accepted: DPUIC accepts Admission Application throughout the year; however, incoming students can only begin their studies during Semester 1 or Semester 2.

Last updated Feb 2018

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