Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership


Program Description

Learning by doing business together

In TAMK Proakatemia, you will gain a vantage point to global team entrepreneurship and leadership within a community based on advanced Finnish team learning and coaching model.

You will learn valuable real-life entrepreneurial and leadership skills, project management, coaching, communication skills, systems thinking, service design, digital business skills and, most importantly, how to run and develop a business that is successful, sustainable and responsible.

Our team leadership ideology starts with removing 'lecturers' and introducing a truly Finnish concept in our coaching model. Studying in Proakatemia takes place by working in a team enterprise together with other team entrepreneurs. Students establish real enterprises in which they learn teamwork, marketing, and management skills by combining theory and practice. Coaches facilitate this by guiding towards new learning innovations and by setting goals in accordance with the underlying curriculum.

If the ideas grow wings and fly during the study program, the cooperative model enterprise can grow into a successful business in the time that students of the trade become highly skilled professionals. Upon graduation, you may have built your own career already.

Study objectives

In degree program for Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership, you will gain entrepreneurial and leadership competencies through the building and developing business activities of your own team enterprise. TAMK Proakatemia offers a unique learning environment where you can develop a wide range of real-life business and teamwork skills and learn about your own strengths and weaknesses as a team member and an entrepreneur. Cooperation with companies and the Proakatemia's local and international networks help you build your own business networks already during your studies and help your transition to working life.

During your studies, you will develop competences in areas that are currently important, and the capacity to learn new things will be useful throughout your life. As a Proakatemia graduate, you will have diverse skills and competences for building your own business as an entrepreneur or taking on a demanding specialist role in an existing organization.

More about the language of instruction

The language of the degree program is English but everyone in it will develop skills in the Finnish language and gain the competence required to function in the Finnish business environment. The aim of the studies is to develop the capacity to work bilingually and collaborate interculturally. These capabilities are developed with the needs of the team enterprise in mind. A personal plan for language, communication, and intercultural studies is made with each student to enable learning of these skills through diverse coursework, independently and peer-learning.

Study contents

In Proakatemia, the learning environment is based on the team enterprise you will start together with other students. You will draft a learning contract with which you will direct your studies, projects, and seminars towards your own learning goals. You will also draft a reading plan where you can select professional literature relevant for your own goals. The knowledge and skills that are required from an entrepreneur are under constant change and you will have the opportunity to gain the most relevant up-to-date competences. In Proakatemia, you can learn things that we do not even know about yet.

General topics of study in Proakatemia include leadership and management, sales and marketing, corporate finances, teamwork, and creative products and business models. Throughout your studies, you will build your knowledge about the market and your business acumen. As a member of a team enterprise, you will develop important meta-skills, such as visionary capacity, courage, collaboration and communication skills, emotional intelligence and practical leadership skills.

In Proakatemia, learning takes place together with your own team and other teams. Team learning requires strong commitment and presence. Active participation in team activities is a prerequisite for achieving good results.

Structure of studies

• Basic and Professional Studies (150 ECTS credit points)
• Free-Choice Studies (15 ECTS credit points),
• International Practical Training (30 ECTS credit points)
• Bachelor’s Thesis (15 ECTS credit points)

Final project

The objective of the Bachelor's thesis (15 ECTS credits) is to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills, and in this way to produce topical solutions for the organization's needs. The thesis is written following the practices of scientific reporting and with emphasis on practical solutions for existing problems within the organization concerned. It can be a planning or development task, research, a product, or a guide done for a company, a branch of local government, or other organizations. Ideally, the students should find a practical case for their final thesis during practical training. Writing the Bachelor's thesis will take from four to six months, depending on the topic and level of difficulty.


As a TAMK student, you have the opportunity to complete part of your degree abroad in one of TAMK's partner universities, of which we have over 300 in more than 50 countries.

Career opportunities

The BBA in Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership prepares undergraduates for demanding jobs in various fields, such as marketing, sales, export-import operations, financial management, product management, and customer relations. TAMK undergraduates also work in supply chain management, project management and as consultants or entrepreneurs. Even entry-level managerial positions are within the reach of our most successful graduates.

Co-operation with other parties

The degree program is co-designed and co-developed with local companies and alumni of the TAMK BBA program.

As a degree student of TAMK, you have the possibility, when enrolled as a present, to select studies also from the curriculum of Tampere University to include in your degree within the framework of your study plan. With these cross-institutional studies and shared projects, you can create a personalized study portfolio with extended knowledge and skills. As a student of TAMK, a national study portal provided by the Finnish universities of applied sciences is also open for you.

Postgraduate study opportunities

After BBA graduation, you will be eligible to apply for a Master's degree program in Finland or abroad.

TAMK School of Business and Services also runs further studies in an internationally competitive, English-taught Master's degree program in International Business Management and Master's degree program in Educational Leadership. To apply for a University of Applied Sciences Master's programme you must have two years of work experience from the field after your BBA graduation.

Tuition fees

The degree carries a tuition fee of EUR 9 800 / academic year for non-EU/EEA students. Applicants must submit relevant documentation together with their application.


  • EARLY BIRD-scholarship: If an accepted student confirms the allocated study place within 7 days from the publication of results, their first-year tuition fee is reduced by 50%.
  • Academic award-scholarship: Studies completed at the end of each year, together with a high enough GPA awards students with 25-50% reduction to the following year's tuition fee.
  • Academic excellence-scholarship: At the time of graduation, students may be eligible for significant Academic Excellence scholarships. These scholarships are governed by the TAMK's R&D Fund. They can be based on final thesis quality, excellence in project work, exceptional practical training success or other grounds set by the Fund.
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Welcome to the most popular university of applied sciences in Finland! TAMK has a good reputation among students; its fields of study are interesting and its graduates are in demand on the job market. ... Read More

Welcome to the most popular university of applied sciences in Finland! TAMK has a good reputation among students; its fields of study are interesting and its graduates are in demand on the job market. TAMK is also highly respected in all sectors of working life - both as a successful educator of bright new professionals, and as a valued partner in many forms of collaboration. Read less