According to the Economic and Social Development Plan number 10, the government has formulated an important competitive strategy under the new circumstances of Thai economy: the promotion of domestic economic strength in order to minimize economic dependence on foreign countries; the development and promotion of Thailand as the center of Asian trade and services; and the promotion of investment in international businesses and foreign investment in Thailand.

For more than one decade, Thailand has lost its competitive advantage in international business under the World Trade policy framework on free trade to the countries with lower labor costs, readiness of production technology and human resources capacity. Therefore, business investments have shifted from Thailand to other more profitable countries. As a consequence, Thai Labor market cannot be limited only to Thailand.

Thailand needs to accelerate the development of human resources especially in the area of business management in order to inject resources into the international labor market and to accommodate both the change of production based in Thailand to countries with lower costs and to cope with direct investment of multinational companies in Thailand. One of Khon Kaen University’s strategic goals is to be recognized at international level by establishing an international college whose mission is to provide international educational programs in line with the needs of the labor market at international level.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program in Global Business, approved in the curricula planning of International College, Khon Kaen University responds to individual needs and the market demand for knowledge and capacity to conduct business management at the international level. It is obvious that the trend of the employment market in the Asian region is consistently growing higher. The International program in global business’s objective is to produce graduates both Thai and non-Thais who desire to work in government and private organizations that conduct international business.

In order to respond to the demand of labor market at international level, the teaching and learning program will be in English with the emphasis on the importance of knowledge and understanding about background and culture that shape the conducting of international business, the links between the East and the West, the developmental thinking process, analysis and hands-on experience in relevant agencies within and outside of the country.


The Bachelor of Business Administration program in Global Business aims at producing graduates who have knowledge and understanding of international business and modern business management at the global level which includes different cultural backgrounds and international business ethics and morals. The graduates shall have skills and abilities in analytical thinking, synthesis and be able to properly apply the knowledge related to business management in their work at international level with ethics, moral and accountability in professional roles and civil society as a whole.

Objectives of Curriculum

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Business intends to provide the graduates with the following desirable characteristics:

  • Knowledge and understanding of international business and modern global business management including different cultural backgrounds related to international business management.
  • Capable of utilizing skills and ability in thinking, analysis, synthesis, and application of knowledge related to business management in international organizations.
  • Be ethical, have good moral and accountable in professional roles and civil society as a whole.

Strength of Curriculum

The Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Global Business, Khon Kaen University places the emphasis on developing human resources in holistic knowledge related to international business and global business management. The graduates shall be able to understand different cultural backgrounds crucial for doing an international business and possess functional English skills in order for them to work in English speaking environments. In addition, with the advantage of the university located at the center of Mekong Sub-Region and its networking on activities with foreign countries, the students capacity can be enhanced through direct work experience concerning international business management within and outside of the country.

Curriculum Structure

  1. General Education Courses no less than 30 Credits
    • Communication Skills 12 Credits
    • Social and self-responsibilities, moral and ethical skills 6 Credits
    • Well-rounded and adaptation skills 6 Credits
    • Analytical thinking and research skills 6 Credits
    • Computer and Information technology non Credits
  2. Core Courses 48 Credits
  3. Major Required Courses 30 Credits
  4. Major Elective Courses 18 Credits
  5. Free Elective Courses 16 Credits
    • Total no less than 132 Credits
Program taught in:
  • English (US)

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Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Global Business