Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in e-Business Management and Information Systems

The program aims are to provide students with a sound tertiary education that will not only train their minds, develop their critical faculties, and provide them with a practical professional orientation, but also encourage them to take a life-long view of education and self-development.

The general educational objectives of the program are to enable students to benefit from a broad-based education as they pursue a business education with a specialization in e-Business Management and Information Systems. Accordingly, students will be required to study a range of general education, business and e-business and information systems courses to achieve a balanced liberal arts and business education. This is consistent with U.I.C.’s mission of providing its students with a whole person education that prepares them for lifelong learning. Business courses focus on the knowledge and skills expected of today’s business and business leaders. The e-Business Management and Information Systems courses provide a more focused education in the major specialism.


This is a full-time program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in e-Business and Information System. Students are required to complete 132 units under the curriculum structure as follows:


In addition to satisfying the 6-units requirement of major elective courses, students are encouraged to use their free elective units to take some major electives based on their interests in different areas of specialization for future development.

The offering of major elective courses each semester is subject to minor changes and adjustments depending on staff availability.

General Education Core and Distribution Courses

Under General Education, students are required to fulfill both the General Education Core Requirements and the General Education Distribution Requirements.

Free Elective Courses

The 15 units of Free Electives could be used by students to (a) spend a semester abroad; (b) take a minor or (c) take more GE/English/other major courses.

Whole Person Education Experiential Learning (WPEX) Modules

All students are required to complete 4 units of WPEX modules.

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Career Prospects

Career Prospects for Graduates

The wide adoption and integration of information systems into modern businesses and the rapid expansion of electronic marketplaces have afforded a rich array of direct employment opportunities for graduates of EBIS program in both the Greater China Region and the global market. The program aims to groom graduates with both the tangible skills in theory and practice and the transferable attributes and lifelong learning attitudes that ensure continuing success in their career advancement into positions such as corporate CIOs, consultancy partners, and e-business owners and executives.

For graduates of the EBIS program, employment opportunities abound, such as:

a) system analysts, IT coordinators, IT auditors
b) business analysts and consultants
c) e-business analysts and e-business managers
d) project managers
e) social media and e-marketing specialists
f) instructors or teachers of IT

Moreover, graduates of the EBIS program can also pursue postgraduate studies in related disciplines, such as information systems, engineering, marketing, management, e-commerce, communication and media studies, etc.

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Aug. 2019
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