Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Applied Economics

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Program Description

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Applied Economics

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Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Applied Economics

This programme aims to provide students with a sound tertiary education that will not only train their minds, develop their critical faculties, and provide them with a practical professional orientation, but also encourage them to take a life-long view of education and self-development.

The general educational objectives of the Programme are to enable students to benefit from a broad-based education as they pursue a business education with a specialization in Applied Economics and to develop their problem-solving, decision-making, and innovative thinking skills to handle real-life challenges. Accordingly, students will be required to study a range of general education, business, and finance courses to achieve a balanced liberal arts and business education. This is consistent with UIC’s mission of providing its students with a whole person education that prepares them for lifelong learning and global citizenship. Business courses are focused on providing the knowledge and skills that are expected of today’s business and business leaders. Applied Economics courses provide an emphasis on the major specialism.



This is a full-time programme leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Applied Economics. Students are required to complete 132 units under the curriculum structure as follows:


In addition to satisfying the 12-unit requirement of major elective courses, students are encouraged to use their free elective units to take more major electives based on their interests in different areas of specialization for future development.

The offering of major elective courses each semester is subject to minor changes and adjustments depending on staff availability.

General Education Core and Distribution Courses

Under General Education, students are required to fulfill both the General Education Core Requirements and the General Education Distribution Requirements.

Free Elective Courses

The 24 units of Free Electives could be used by students to (a) spend a semester abroad; (b) take a minor or (c) take more GE/English/other major courses.

Whole Person Education Experiential Learning (WPEX) Modules

All students are required to complete 4 units of WPEX modules.

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Career Prospects

Applied Economics (AE) uses economic theory and analytical methods to address a range of practical issues in business, industry, finance, and government. Many universities offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in applied economics, which can lead to a wide variety of career opportunities that require analytical and problem-solving skills to address everyday business concerns. Opportunities for economists range from positions in the business sector, such as banking, insurance, investment and communications firms, to those in academic institutions, government agencies, trade associations and consulting organizations.

The BBA degree in AE will be very helpful to students in obtaining employment as applied economists and in future career development. The AE programme delivers undergraduate classes that produce highly employable graduates, and that the programme has been designed with employers’ needs in mind (and with design input and feedback from those who have employed/are employing our graduates).

Graduates who major in AE at UIC could potentially land at entry-level positions such as business analyst, market analyst, human resources specialist, insurance underwriter, and supply chain manager. An applied economics degree could lead to a career in local, state or federal government agencies. Students with graduate degrees in applied economics often seek careers as a business or government economists, who collect and analyze data on economic conditions and advise policymakers. An applied economics background also could lead to a career as an accountant, financial analyst, or management consultant. According to surveys of UIC alumni, they are employed by firms including Deloitte, CGB Bank, Dowin Asset Management Co., Glanz, Comvoy, Prudential, Global Sources, China Mobile, and TCL.

Economists have excellent employment prospects. Some examples of the types of work that UIC graduates do are:

  • Local government and development agency officials
  • Officials in regulatory agencies
  • Commercial/business analysts for multinational companies and large organizations
  • Economic assistance in government departments or agencies
  • Academic posts, such as research assistants in universities and research institutes
  • Managerial positions in charitable organizations
  • Managerial and chartered accountants
  • Analysts and financial advisers
  • Business and corporate management professionals

Further Study

  • Graduates are also encouraged to pursue their postgraduate studies in Hong Kong or abroad. The curriculum of the programme meets international standards. In addition, using international and popular textbooks for our courses and conducting the lectures in English help students gain an advantage in pursuing further studies.


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