Program Overview

The BSL Bachelor of Business Administration is not only about learning best practices and transferable skills in business. It’s about your journey of personal transformation and growth as a leader.

  • You will develop personal attitudes, sensibilities, and values that will nurture your capacity to be a self-aware, responsible, and grounded leader of yourself and others.
  • You will be encouraged to forge your own path in business by developing the entrepreneur inside you through class activities that require your independent thinking, initiative, and self-organization, as well as through the Entrepreneurship Coaching Program available to all students.
  • You will be exposed to a sustainability perspective at business across all subject areas and will explore approaches for balancing the economic, environmental, and social impact of business.

BSL Signature Features

  • Small classes with personalized attention and support from professors
  • Professors who are seasoned and currently active business practitioners and experts in their field
  • International and diverse environment with students from 60 nationalities

Program Options

Option 1: BBA Accelerated

  • Obtain your Bachelor degree within 2 years
  • Condensed curriculum with a more dynamic approach towards learning
  • Get a head start in forging your professional path or continue with graduate studies at the master’s level

Option 2: BBA Classic

  • Obtain your Bachelor degree within 3 years
  • Evenly spread curriculum allowing you more time for extracurricular activities
  • Possibility to complement your studies with a practical experience such as internship or volunteering in the final term (10 weeks), if you are eligible for employment in Switzerland

Option 3: BBA Double Degree

  • Obtain your Bachelor degree within 2.5-3 years (depending on start date)
  • Final, third year in Dublin or Paris, allowing a double Bachelor degree from BSL and Dublin Business School (DBS), or BSL and Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC, Paris)
  • International, multi-faceted, and diverse learning environment

Option 4: The Millennial BBA

  • Obtain your Bachelor degree within 3 years by learning via the innovative Prepare-Apply-Consolidate learning methodology:
  • Block 1: Prepare - you will engage in authentic learning experiences that encourage you to bring your own perspective in class, solve real-life business cases, and learn from trial and error. You will cover foundational courses that equip you with critical knowledge and skills in all areas of business and management
  • Experiential Learning 1: Apply - you will dedicate two terms to applying what you’ve learned in alignment with your passion, curiosity, and skills. Yes, this is not a mistake – your 2nd year of the program starts by doing and learning through experience. You will drive your own experience and will gain competence and mastery in an area that is meaningful to you. You will choose a mix of components from our portfolio
  • Block 2: Consolidate - you will consolidate your learning experience by engaging in learning what is tailored to your unique strengths, talents, and interests. Majority of courses in Block 2 are electives which enables you to customize your learning journey so that it best fits your personal goals and professional aspirations
  • Experiential Learning 2: Innovate - From the same components available to you in Experiential Learning 1, you will be able to work on business innovations inspired by your studies and crown your Bachelor's program


Can I transfer credits to BSL programs?

For our BBA programs, it is possible to transfer up to 100 ECTS credits or 60 US credits (from recognized institutions of undergraduate education). Credits are not transferable to any other program.

How is it possible to complete a BBA in two years at BSL?

The BSL BBA 2-year program is equivalent to a three-year 200 ECTS bachelor program, accredited by ACBSP. In Europe, university programs are measured in terms of workload hours, which is a combination of class hours and study hours. The BSL program accelerates a typical three-year bachelor program into an intense two-year program by increasing the number of classes provided over the two-year period and by adding two 10 week summer terms.

The credit hours given by BSL differ slightly to both the traditional US systems of semester hours and quarter hours. During a calendar year, BSL gives four, ten-week terms, allowing students to earn 15 hours of credit per term. A student with a full load takes five, three-credit-hour courses, with four contact hours per week per course, and thus spends a total of 20 hours per week in the classroom. By maintaining this rigorous schedule students can complete the 120 US credits required for the BBA in a minimum of eight terms or two calendar years.

Are there any specializations offered in the BBA program?

Our BBA program offers the possibility to complete your final, third year at Dublin Business School where you can orient your studies towards preferred subjects by choosing from streams of Management, HRM, Law, Psychology or Project Management.

What is the language of instruction at BSL?

All courses at BSL are given in English.

How difficult is it to study at BSL?

To study towards any degree at BSL is not easy, but it is a worthwhile experience that will offer enriching learning experiences. Such experiences only exist where every student gives his or her very best effort and is willing to work hard to achieve good results.

What are the requirements to be accepted at BSL?

Please check the admissions criteria for the BBA program.

Besides the administrative papers and letters, you need to show that you are not only interested in management and industry, but that you have an interest in the long-term development and sustainability of the businesses or the organizations you are hoping one day to work in. You need to do at least two things to show that you have these interests: write a motivation letter and attend the interview (by Skype or in person).

First, you must describe in your motivation letter what kind of industry or career you are interested in and why (it can be anything you wish, such as business, fine arts, charities, government, nature, sports, etc.). Also in the motivation letter, you need to explain what you think the skills are that you want to learn in order to become qualified for the industry that interests you.

Second, at the interview, you will be asked to evaluate to what extent you really want to study at BSL. This may surprise you! It is not simply the school that decides if it will accept you, but you must also decide if you accept the school. This means that you must first explore what BSL does. BSL is not just a school to get a degree. BSL is a place where you can enrich your learning experience. So, prepare for the interview by checking online about everything you can find about the school. In order to study at BSL, you will be expected to make a commitment to working hard, and studying and behaving like a professional.

How many IB points do I need to be accepted for the BBA program?

The minimum IB score is 32. If an applicant has not achieved the required minimum but can show that she/he has other qualities, such as hard-working, strong interests in sustainable business and management, then admission may be granted with performance conditions. This means that the candidate will have to make extra efforts in the first school terms at BSL in order to show that you are serious about working hard.

Can a Swiss student without the “Maturité” / “Maturitätszeugnis” apply for the BBA?

Yes, students who have not completed the Swiss Maturity diploma, but who have either started or completed an apprenticeship (Swiss Professional Maturity in commerce also called “Berufsmatura” or “Maturité professionnelle”) can apply for the Bachelor at BSL. At least three years of work experience will compensate for the lack of a Maturity diploma, but the more years of work experience you have, the lower the performance conditions for your studies at BSL will be.

What TOEFL score do I need to apply at BSL?

As part of the selection process, successful applicants are interviewed to assess their level of English and their chances of success in the particular program. As a guide, you will need a level of English as follows:
IELTS 6; TOEFL 80; TOEIC 750 (one test only required)

The BSL TOEFL code is 0018.

Does BSL offer scholarships?

BSL offers partial scholarships of up to 50% off the tuition fee to worthy candidates on a need and merit base. Applicants are reviewed on an individual basis and are judged according to their academic achievements, personal motivation, and the general positivity that they can add to the school. Merit-based scholarships are then available to high-performing students for the second part of the program.

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BSL Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)