Bachelor of Business Administration – Major in Marketing


Program Description

This program promotes the technical competition and the development of skills to carry out investigations of the market, to prepare plans for trade, projections of sale, and campaigns of promotion. The graduate will be able to work in publicity agencies, public relations companies, markets investigation companies, and sales departments in diverse companies.

Program Objectives

  1. To provide a course of study consistent with the needs of the industry.
  2. To provide knowledge of marketing theories.
  3. To provide an understanding of the processes in marketing.
  4. To stimulate a positive attitude toward education and strengthening the concept of education as an ongoing process.
  5. To promote participation in community affairs.
  6. To develop among students, good interpersonal and communication skills.
  7. To provide workshops in management techniques, marketing, accounting, and computers.
Curricular Sequence Credits
General Education Courses 51
Core/Professional Courses 45
Marketing Major Courses 18
Marketing Specialization Courses 9
Total 123

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General Education Courses (51 Credits)

  • ENGL 115-O English Reading and Writing I
  • ENGL 331-O Public Speaking
  • SPAN 116-O Reading, Writing, and Oral Communication in Spanish II
  • COMP 110-O Computer and Software
  • SCIE 111-O Integrated Science I
  • HUMA 101-O World Cultures I
  • MATH 111-O Intermediate Algebra I
  • SOSC 111-O Individual, Community, Government, and Social Responsibility I
  • ENGL 116-O English Reading and Writing II
  • SPAN 115-O Reading, Writing, and Oral Communication in Spanish I
  • SPAN 255-O Spanish for Writing and Research
  • SCIE 112-O Integrated Science II
  • HUMA 102-O World Cultures II
  • MATH 112-O Intermediate Algebra II
  • PSYC 123-O General Psychology (Compendium)

Professional Courses (45 Credits)

  • ACCO 111-O Introduction to Accounting I
  • ECON 121-O Introduction to Economics: Microeconomics
  • STAT 201-O Administration Statistics I
  • MANA 210-O Business Administration Theory
  • MANA 230-O Organizational Behavior
  • MARK 133-O Marketing Principles
  • ENTR 360-O Entrepreneurship
  • QYLE 110-O Attitude Development and University Adaptation
  • ACCO 112-O Introduction to Accounting II
  • ECON 122-O Introduction to Economics: Macroeconomics
  • STAT 202-O Administration Statistics II
  • MANA 204-O Business Law and Professional Ethics
  • MANA 340-O Operations Management
  • FINA 202-O Business Finance
  • INBU 350-O International Business

Major Courses (18 Credits)

  • MARK 206-O Consumer Behavior
  • MARK 318-O Sales Management
  • MARK 450-O Internship
  • MARK 301-O Marketing Management
  • MARK 320-O Market Research
  • MARK 455-O Marketing Project

Specialization Courses (Select one of the areas)

Sales (9 Credits)

  • MARK 306-O Sales
  • MARK 406-O Direct Marketing
  • MARK 415-O Sales Projections

International Marketing (9 Credits)

  • MARK 350-O Distribution Channels
  • MARK 410-O International Marketing
  • MARK 404-O Negotiations

Language skills in English and in Spanish will be assessed with a placement test Additional language courses may be needed according to the Student’s proficiency in each language. If students qualify for Preparatory Language Courses or developmental Language Courses, they must enroll in the courses immediately to increase academic performance in the language. Students must comply with state certification requirements for the degree as applicable. QYLE 110-O must be taken within the first term of enrollment.

Last updated Dec 2019

About the School

The South Florida Campus is organized to Implement the Discipline-Based Dual Language Education at the university level in South Florida. This campus serves a culturally diverse community of students, ... Read More

The South Florida Campus is organized to Implement the Discipline-Based Dual Language Education at the university level in South Florida. This campus serves a culturally diverse community of students, offering academic programs and personalized services of quality, meeting the needs of the adult learner. Read less