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Economics is a science that studies how a society uses its scarce resources to produce the goods and services that its members desire. The study of economics will provide you with an understanding of how individuals, firms and public agencies influence what is produced, how it is produced, and who gets to consume what is produced.

Economics at UWindsor

At UWindsor, you will learn how the actions of individuals, firms and public agencies ultimately determine the direction of the overall economy. You will acquire the tools necessary to answer many important economic questions such as: how do we reduce Canada’s unemployment rate; what are the effects of government deficits and spending cuts; and what are the effects of globalization on the Canadian economy? You will also learn the skills to analyze economic problems and view them from the perspective of different groups in society based on their particular interests.

Rigorous, Enriching Programs

The Department of Economics offers both three and four-year programs that differ in the degree of specialization. It is also possible to obtain a joint, four-year degree in Business and Economics or to combine Economics with other subjects such as Political Science, Geography, and Mathematics and Statistics. The Department offers both Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) programs.

1) Three-year Bachelor of Arts in Economics The General three-year BA program consists of 30 courses. Major requirements include 11 courses in Economics, nine of which have to be 200-, 300- or 400-level (second-, third- and fourth-year courses). Other requirements are: i) one course in Statistics (in addition to the course in Economic Statistics which is one of the above 11 courses in Economics); ii) 18 elective courses.

2) Four-year Bachelor of Arts (Honours Economics) The four-year Honours BA program consists of 40 courses. Major requirements include 20 courses in Economics. In addition, two courses in Mathematics and one course in Statistics are required. These last three courses are offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Finally, 17 electives are needed from any area of study. You may choose to complete a minor in a cognate area of study such as political science or mathematics.

3) Four-year Bachelor of Science (Honours Economics) This four-year BSc program also consists of 40 courses. Major requirements include 20 courses in economics. In addition, six courses in Mathematics and one course in Computer Science are required. This requirement allows you to complete a minor in mathematics. Finally, 13 electives from any area of study are also needed.

4) Four-year (Combined Honours) The four-year (Combined Honours) program also requires 40 courses. Major requirements include 13 courses in Economics and one additional course in Statistics. Major requirements for the other subject are prescribed by that area of study. Other requirements consist of electives for a total number of 40 courses. The Economics Department also offers a Minor program that consists of six courses in Economics.

What You Will Take in First Year

All Economics programs require 41-110 (Introduction to Economics I) and 41-111 (Introduction to Economics II). The remainder of your first-year program will depend on which degree program you have chosen.

Experiential Learning

Senior students in Economics are often offered positions as teaching and/or research assistants.

Excellent Student Support

The Economics Department has an undergraduate resource centre staffed by graduate and teaching assistants. Tutorial assistance is available for most undergraduate courses.

Career Tracks

  • Government and public policy analysis
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Corporate or competitive strategy
  • Economic research/consulting
  • Stockbroking
  • Forecasting

Choose UWindsor

The University of Windsor offers 190 high-quality programs in an international setting. Equally important, you can experience a broad range of opportunities outside the classroom. You can explore exchange opportunities with dozens of universities around the world. Enhance your work experience through co-op programs, internships and paid research assistantships. Student-led organizations play a vital role on campus and in the broader community. The diversity of our students—where they are from, what they believe and how they think—will expand your mind.

Admission Requirements

Grade 12U English. The Economics Honours programs require Grade 12U Advanced Functions, and Grade 12U Data Management.

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