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The University of Prince Edward Island Cairo Campus’ Faculty of Arts is committed to rigorous study and inquiry, belief in the value of knowledge, lifelong capacity-building, and development of critical thought. 


An Arts degree helps us make sense of our dynamic society. It helps us understand where we are, and plan for where we are going. An Arts degree gives students a foundation for hundreds of possible careers.

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The Faculty of Arts stresses depth, breadth, and integration in all of our teaching and learning. Our programs, departments, and courses offer a wide variety of analytical, critical, and imaginative opportunities. It encourages students to think about, express, question, and re-imagine both the world and themselves as part of our local, national, and global communities. It provides students with a range of approaches to knowing and acting in the world, always focusing on a set of common questions about what it means to be ethical, to be creative, to live with understanding and respect in diverse contexts, and to act for the social good.

Our faculty members are award-winning teachers and scholars with a wide range of expertise and interest. We stress intellectual curiosity about the world around us. We promote the importance of preparing students with the skills, resourcefulness, confidence, eagerness, and vision to respond to and succeed in facing the many challenges of the world. Our common focus aims at developing analytical and critical reasoning, creative thinking and problem solving, oral and written communication skills. We enable students to achieve meaningful, productive, responsible, and rewarding lives while providing them with relevant skills for a diverse range of careers.



The most succinct definition of economics is that economics deals with the efficient utilization of resources to satisfy human wants. In this program, students will study economic demand, how it is created, and how it affects consumerism. By studying both microeconomics and macroeconomics, students will develop the analytical mindset necessary for working in the fields of economics, data analysis, international business, and more. The skills developed from studying economics are incredibly versatile and highly sought after in today's job market.

Political Science

Political science is the study of the theory and practice of politics and the description and analysis of political systems and political behavior. The UPEI Cairo Campus Political Science Department offers courses covering four fields in political studies: Canadian politics, political theory, comparative politics, and international relations. Students in political science graduate with the skills required to understand the complexities of contemporary social and political life, and lead fulfilling lives as engaged citizens. Political science offers an education in practical affairs that translates well into job opportunities within a variety of management fields.


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A Canadian campus hosting top Canadian Universities with futuristic programs. The Universities of Canada in Egypt promotes an all-round active and diverse student life. It is the first International B ... Read More

A Canadian campus hosting top Canadian Universities with futuristic programs. The Universities of Canada in Egypt promotes an all-round active and diverse student life. It is the first International Branch Campus in The New Administrative Capital. All programs hostedmirror a blend ofinternational experiences, tutors, and cultures. The Universities of Canada in Egypt encourages anentrepreneurial and innovativemindset through experiential learning, state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology. As of today, UofCanada is hosting the branch campus of the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) for specific undergraduate and graduate studies. Other Canadian universities will be joining us soon. Read less