Bachelor of Arts in Popular Music Production


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Program Description

This Bachelor's Degree course lasts three years and will provide you with the widest possible range of experience and knowledge in the field of music production.


You will learn first how to master and then work within the music production environment and the recording studio. We will also develop your critical skills by analyzing the why and how of popular musical productions.

Your working environment offers fully-equipped classrooms, both analog and digital recording studios as well as studios designated for production and sound design.

The two first years of the course take place in the Microfusa School in Barcelona followed by a Top Up course of one year at Southampton Solent University, which is an excellent opportunity to discover and work in a world-renowned music market while having the opportunity to achieve a high level of proficiency in English.

You will obtain two qualifications during your three years: the Microfusa Diploma in Music Production or Sound Engineering plus a Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in Popular Music Production from Southampton Solent University. This University Standard qualification is recognized by the EHEA (European Higher Education Area) and is worth 180 ECTS.

All in all a great opportunity to become a professional music producer.


First Year

The training given over the first year serves mainly as an introduction to Electronic Music Production and the use of new technologies in the field of music.

  • Audio Technology
  • Electronic Instruments and Sequencers
  • Music Production
  • Sound design
  • Music history
  • Analysis of music productions
  • Music theory and language


  • Official certification in Ableton Live - 101
  • Apple Logic Pro certification program - 101
  • Native Instruments Komplete 10 certification program - 101

Second Year

The second year of the course will be centered around the techniques needed to learn how to operate the equipment in a professional recording studio. You will work in-depth on techniques involved in the recording and mixing of acoustic instruments using both analog and digital media. The end of this course will see you produce your own project from the recording stage right through to the promotion of the artist or band involved.

  • Audio Technology
  • Sound and Acoustics
  • Analysis of music productions
  • Studio recording
  • Digital mastering
  • Music industry
  • EDM Production
  • Music theory and language
  • Projects and Exercises


  • Official Avid Protools Course - 101
  • Avid Protools 110 certification (Official AVID User certification)
  • Official Avid Protools Course - 01

Third Year - Top Up of Popular Music Production at Solent Southampton University

  • Advanced Studio Recording 3
  • Music Strategies and Career Building
  • Major Project
  • Live Project Brief
  • Optatives:
    • Festival Cultures
    • Film Music
    • Consuming Music
    • Songwriting Portfolio
    • Experimental Music Production
    • Advanced Live Music Production
    • Music and Audio Post-Production
    • Popular Music: Technology and Production
    • Freelancing at Solent Creatives
    • Creative Entrepreneurial Freelance Practice
    • Curriculum Plus



  • Baccalaureate or equivalent A-levels studies. Students with inferior studies must organize an interview with the school director
  • Successful completion of the 2-year diploma in accordance with Microfusas' requirements. This grants access to the third university year (top-up course) in England, at the Southampton Solent University.
  • English language level IELTS certification with the cut-off score of 6 in speaking and writing.

All of these requirements must be met when registering at the university, which is usually in June previous to the start. This gives students the opportunity to master their English and, in some cases to complete their Baccalaureate or A-levels studies.


  • The center provides all the necessary materials for the course, as well as the availability of recording studios for the course studies and to work on projects, practice, and study.
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About the School

The daily schedule at the school is divided between the classes; theory and practice, in the computer rooms and studios. The classes are led by qualified tutors who bring their experience to the learn ... Read More

The daily schedule at the school is divided between the classes; theory and practice, in the computer rooms and studios. The classes are led by qualified tutors who bring their experience to the learning environment while following the methodology of the school. There are also the hours for study and practice conducted at the school with the all the necessary facilities and amongst fellow students whose talents, Read less
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