The BAU BA program in International Relations is designed not only to prepare students for careers in International Relations and International Affairs related fields but also to produce well-rounded global citizens keenly aware of all the opportunities offered to them by a new globalized world. Our International Affairs faculty is composed of experienced professionals with great academic credentials.

They are all “scholars practitioners” who use the diverse skills they have honed in their fields to teach BAU’s undergraduate students basic principles and evidence-based understanding of world affairs. Our faculty work or have worked for public institutions such as USAID, the European Union, the World Bank as well as major private corporations and leading consulting firms.

International Relations majors must complete 40 courses (120 credits). They include 13 general education courses (39 credits), which emphasize the Liberal Arts, global cultures, and diverse perspectives. Students will hone their critical writing and thinking abilities; quantitative and scientific reasoning skills; public speaking abilities; foreign language skills; and information and computer literacy.

General education is followed by 21 core courses (63 credits), and 6 pure elective courses, (18 credits). Core courses include 15 required courses (45 credits), and 6 elective courses (18 credits). By fulfilling all these critical requirements, our BAU students will be well prepared for challenging careers in the field of international affairs. BAU Graduates will qualify for jobs in Foreign Service, International NGOs, International Organizations, Multilateral Lending Institutions, International Consulting, International Development, Global Health, and more.

Graduation Requirements

The BA degree in International Relations is earned by completing the program course requirements of 120 credit hours. Of these credit hours, 39 are general education credits, 63 credits are major or core courses, and 18 pure elective credits. In order to graduate, all students must meet all their general education requirements as well as all their core requirements.

  1. Students enrolled in the undergraduate program must maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 2.0 out of 4.0 to qualify for the BA degree, to remain in good standing, and to graduate.
  2. The Maximum Time Frame (MTF) for completion of the BA program is 180 credits.
  3. An undergraduate student may transfer up to 60 credit hours earned at accredited institutions.
  4. No degree credit is received by an undergraduate for any failing grade (a grade less than D, or 1.00 out of 4.00-grade points).

General Education Requirements

The breadth of knowledge is a foundational element of the American higher education tradition. As such, all BAU undergraduate students are expected to complete general education requirements, in addition to their core requirements. These can be categorized into three broad areas:

  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Mathematics & the Sciences

In total, these general education requirements fulfill a minimum of 39 credits. Please note that a student’s core requirements may not apply toward his or her general education requirements.

International Relations & Affairs Program Requirements

Students have a wide range of courses to choose from throughout their four years of study.

Course Outline Per Term (Sample Outline with Actual Courses)

Year 1

Semester 1

  • PHIL 101: First Year Seminar 3
  • POLS 101: An Introduction to Politics and Political Science 3
  • MATH 103: College Mathematics 3
  • ENGL 122: English Composition II 3
  • HIST 169: Asian History, 1550-1950 3

Semester 2

  • INTL 161: Diplomatic History 3
  • ECON 111: Introduction to Macroeconomics 3
  • SPAN 101: Introduction to Spanish I 3
  • PHIL 108: Moral Dilemmas & Social Ethics 3
  • ENVS 105: Introduction to Environmental Science 3

Year 2

Semester 1

  • POLS 121: Government and Politics of the United States 3
  • INTL 253: International Organizations 3
  • INTL 257: International Relations 3
  • ENGL 222: Five American Novels 3
  • SPAN 121: Introduction to Spanish II 3

Semester 2

  • INTL 271: Gender, Development & Globalization 3
  • ECON 315: Political Economy 3
  • HIST 166: Atlantic History, 1492-1815 3
  • SOCI 221: Social Class, Gender & Inequality 3
  • ECON 222: Intermediate Macroeconomics 3

Year 3

Semester 1

  • ECON 353: Globalization & the World Economy 3
  • ENGL 326: Technical Writing and Presentation Skills for Political Science & International Relations 3
  • INTL 351: The Politics of the Middle East 3
  • POLS 227: Media Ethics 3
  • MATH 131: Calculus I 3

Semester 2

  • INTL 354: International Development and Emerging Markets 3
  • INTL 451: World Politics & World Order 3
  • ECON 355: Sustainable Economic Development 3
  • MKTG 101: Introduction to Marketing 3
  • ISIT 102: Introduction to Computers and Information Systems 3

Year 4

Semester 1

  • INTL 458: Introduction to International Human Rights 3
  • INTL 459: International Security 3
  • INTL 351: The Politics of the Middle East 3
  • BUSN 101: Introduction to Business 3
  • CMPS 110: Introduction to Computer Science 3

Semester 2

  • POLS 373: Modern Political Thought 3
  • POLS 359: The Spreading of Democracy 3
  • INTL 350: The Government and Politics of Britain 3
  • CMPS 122: Introduction to Java I 3
  • CMPS 222: Java II 3
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