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Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management The War for Talents means that international companies expect managers to be mobile, multilingual, stress-resistant and excellent at communicating across cultural, professional and geographical borders. Global job markets require flexible, communicative interface managers and we show you how to become one.


the business skills and management competencies that industry expects of you the longest experience offering a bachelors degree taught 100 % in English in Germany; so we know how to help you get the jobs you want a truly international profile: all students are required to complete a study semester and an internship abroad; you could add on one additional study semester abroad to get a double degree from our partners in China, France or Latin America! multicultural learning environment: you study with people from over 48 countries and a teaching staff who are almost 50 % foreign-born internationally experienced teaching staff: all professors have worked or lectured abroad and all speak at least one foreign language practically-oriented programs: all professors have worked in industry and continue to maintain close ties with industry, through research, student projects and consulting closely-knit business school: we know our students and they know us at the HFU Business School, you belong to a special elite; we have more than 14 applicants for every study space


The majority of our graduating students already have firm job offers before finishing their final thesis, proof that the competence profile of our students meets the requirements of commerce and industry. Some students are offered junior management posts by the organisations that have hosted their internship or commissioned their final-year thesis. An impressive number of HFU graduates have successfully completed the rigorous selection tests set by some of the biggest global organisations and there are many opportunities for our students to work in small- and medium-sized companies located in the area. Due particularly to their language competence and work experience abroad, our graduates match the profile which these companies are looking for to help them extend their business beyond the European market. Internship andStudying Abroad In the 5th and 6th semesters, you are culturally and linguistically equipped to set off for your study semester at one of over 140 international partner universities and for your internship semester at a corporation or a medium sized company in the USA, China, France, Mexico, Argentina, Australia or Germany, or elsewhere. The 5th semester of your studies is dedicated to an obligatory internship abroad for German nationals, which is an integral part of the IBM degree program. For students who do not have German nationality, either the obligatory internship semester or the obligatory foreign study semester must be completed in Germany, Austria, or German-speaking part of Switzerland. During your internship semester you will gain insight into the real business world, and have the opportunity to apply some of the knowledge and skills you have gained on the course. Usually students apply on their own for internships with suitable companies, based on their particular interests. The Business Faculty provides assistance with finding an internship with specific companies. Contacts have been established with many companies in the region and around the world, including global organisations such as Hewlett Packard, Deutsche Bank, Bosch and DaimlerChrysler. A database containing descriptions and addresses of more than one hundred companies can be accessed in our PC Hall. Regional Focus and Foreign Languages Language and communication skills are an integral part of the program. Our aim is to enable you to communicate accurately and confidently, even in the most challenging business situations. All language courses are taught by experienced professionals who are native speakers of the language they teach. For non-native speakers of German 1st foreign language:Business English (advanced level) 2nd foreign language:For non-native speakers of German: German For German native speakers:

Chinese (no previous knowledge)OR Spanish (4-5 years of previous studies)OR French (4-5 years of previous studies)

For native speakers of English 1st foreign language:German 2nd foreign language:

Chinese (no previous knowledge)OR Spanish (4-5 years of previous studies) OR French (4-5 years of previous studies)

In the regional focus chosen, you will be exposed to, in addition to learning the language itself, economic structures, the history and cultures, business practices, laws and social systems of that region. Regional analysis and an examination of the international competitiveness of that region are explored. For non-native speakers of English, we offer Business English at an advanced level. All language courses offer various aspects of the language, including accuracy and fluency in speaking, listening skills, extended business terminology and idiomatic usage, and reading and writing across a range of business contexts. Semester-length courses are regularly offered in German as a Foreign Language at all levels, as well as Business German, Technical German and socio-political courses about Germany and the European Union today.


German Abitur or for international applicants an advanced level school certificate. Proficiency in English.

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