Bachelor of Arts in Humanities


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Program Description

Founded in 1990, the Humanities Programme at HKBU is unique, being the first undergraduate programme in Hong Kong dedicated to providing a broad liberal arts education. Apart from training students to think critically, write logically and speak confidently, the Humanities Programme also nurtures students' ability to solve problems, to sympathize with humanity and to appreciate life, qualities which are indeed essential for a successful career as well as a full meaningful life.

Considering the Hong Kong contexts in the 21st century, the Humanities Programme consists of three distinct characteristics:

  • Interdisciplinarity. All the Humanities core courses draw on diverse disciplines. These include art criticism, language, literature, history, cultural studies, philosophy, and media studies.
  • Bilingual Teaching and Learning. Students will read, write and speak in Chinese as well as English, developing their skills in both languages. By doing so, students will be able to respond to Hong Kong's specific linguistic environment, as well as engaging in a more global context.
  • Cross-culturalism. Our courses examine issues of cultures, values, diversity, difference and cosmopolitanism.

Aims of the Humanities Programme

  • Providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum that develops students' language proficiency.
  • Equipping students with reasoning and analytical skills.
  • Enhancing students' ability to present lucid arguments and make independent judgments.
  • Encouraging students to reflect on social and cultural issues from an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective.
  • Stimulating students' initiative in independent learning.
  • Producing graduates of distinction committed to lifelong learning.
  • Creating an open environment which facilitates and encourages vigorous academic discussion between teachers and students.

Overseas Exchange Programme / Summer Study Tour

The Humanities Programme provides students with opportunities to study abroad in order to expand their educational and cultural horizons. Previously, our annual Summer Study Tour visited Tsinghua University, Xi’an University and Germany.

Every year, many students spend one semester or a year in mainland or overseas universities, and they invariably come back with unforgettable experiences as well as a newly-gained sense of confidence. They may go to a wide variety of places for exchange, such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Australia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Norway, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, France, Sweden and the USA.



Previously, students of the Humanities Programme were awarded prestigious scholarships provided by the University and other organizations. These include the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship, HSBC Overseas Scholarship, Li Po Chun Charitable Trust Fund Scholarships, and Providence Foundation Combined Scholarships and Bursaries, to name a few.

Career Prospects

Our graduates have developed their ability to think creatively, make judgments critically and communicate ideas effectively. They are also sensitive to social and cultural issues while possessing the sensibility to appreciate the arts. Our graduates perform outstandingly in a variety of fields such as publishing, media, culture and the arts, public relations, business marketing and education.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction for formal classroom teaching is English, except for those courses that are granted exemption.

Last updated Jan 2020

About the School

The Faculty of Arts is an essential part of Hong Kong Baptist University, an institution that is firmly committed to being ”a leading liberal arts university in Asia for the world delivering academic ... Read More

The Faculty of Arts is an essential part of Hong Kong Baptist University, an institution that is firmly committed to being ”a leading liberal arts university in Asia for the world delivering academic excellence in a caring, creative and global culture.” Read less