Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media


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Program Description

At a Glance

  • Degree awarded: Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)
  • Duration: 6 semesters (3 years)
  • Start of course: winter semester (October)
  • Number of student places: 36
  • Language: English (no German required)
  • Study abroad: possible
  • Admission restrictions: yes

The Digital Media Bachelor's program

The digital future is waiting to be explored by you! This program is made for critical thinkers who are convinced that digital media is the crucial transformative force of our time.

You will have the chance to analyze the technical foundations and tools as well as the history, ideas and approaches which are important in this field. The program consists of both theoretical and practical aspects. You study the theoretical foundations of digital media and develop you own hands-on project in video, audio, apps, games or mash ups.

Cooperation with the Hamburg Media School

About half the cour­ses are taught in the Ham­burg Me­dia School with the other half taught on the Leu­pha­na Uni­ver­si­ty of Lüne­burg cam­pus.

Hence, you can de­ve­lop your own pro­jects wi­t­hin the con­text of the latest in­ter­na­tio­nal re­se­arch. In addition, you will have the op­por­tu­ni­ty to par­ti­ci­pa­te in cour­ses and events in­vol­ving reknown international researchers who work on the future of digital media.

International Program in Digital Media

The de­gree pro­gram is truly in­ter­na­tio­nal­. Clas­ses in the di­gi­tal me­dia ma­jor are held in Eng­lish. The pro­gram fo­cu­ses on the la­test dis­cus­sions about di­gi­tal me­dia, whe­ther they are co­m­ing from Ger­ma­ny, the USA, In­dia, Ja­pan or Chi­na. Fur­ther­mo­re, you have the great opportunity to earn an additional degree from the School of Crea­ti­ve Me­dia at the City Uni­ver­si­ty of Hong Kong.

The School of Crea­ti­ve Me­dia, lo­ca­ted in Hong Kong’s cul­tu­ral hub West Kow­loon, is known for its so­phis­ti­ca­ted tech­no­lo­gi­cal fa­ci­li­ties, such as a 3D mul­ti­me­dia thea­ter, a pro­duc­tion stu­dio and the Fu­ture Ci­ne­ma Stu­dio as well as the Crea­ti­ve Me­dia Cent­re (CMC) gal­le­ry.

If you ex­tend your stu­dies at the City Uni­ver­si­ty of Hong Kong for two ye­ars, then you can com­ple­te a se­cond, in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly re­co­gni­zed de­gree.

Your Prospects With a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media

Leuphana and the Hamburg Media School have ties almost all of Germany's major media outlets, whe­ther they are di­gi­tal agen­cies, te­le­vi­si­on net­works, pu­blis­hing hou­ses or in­ter­net ser­vice pro­vi­ders. The­se are perfect con­di­ti­ons to find a for­ward-loo­king in­ternship at a lea­ding me­dia com­pa­ny.

If you are in­te­rested in working with Ger­man and in­ter­na­tio­nal ci­vil or po­li­ti­cal or­ga­niza­t­i­ons, the Cent­re for Di­gi­tal Cul­tu­res can open doors for you here as well. Another option is to work in ar­tis­tic pro­jects. The di­gi­tal fu­ture holds countless opportunities for you.

Course Content

The Bachelor degree in Digital Media combines three main objectives. Firstly, it will teach you how to engage with digital media with a powerful theoretical and critical approach, drawing on knowledge stemming from media studies, media theory and media history.

Secondly, you will be introduced to the fundamental principles of digital technologies. Last, but not least, you will explore the many creative possibilities of digital media in your own practical projects. In all of this, you will acquire a skill set that allows you to be part of future changes in a critical and informed, as well as creative and engaged style.

Half of your courses will take place in Hamburg on the premises of Hamburg Media School. The other half will be taught in Lüneburg on the campus of Leuphana University. The courses are clustered in such a way that studying in Lüneburg and Hamburg in parallel is made easy.

Your teachers are among more than 100 scientists and developers from a dozen countries, researching digital media at Leuphana University of Lüneburg. You can thus develop your theoretical inquiries and practical projects directly in the context of international cutting edge research.

Students who successfully complete the Bachelor program are awarded a Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) degree.

Application and Admission

Courses at Leuphana College can only be started in the winter semester. The College runs a two-stage admission process for all Bachelor programs with admission restrictions. In the first stage, extra-curricular accomplishments are also taken into account alongside your university entrance qualification grade. You can increase your chances of admission by taking an admission test in stage 2.

Students who wish to complete a Bachelor degree program at Leuphana College, but who do not have a German university entrance certificate, must apply through the Application Services for International Students, uni-assist, in Berlin.

Last updated Mar 2020

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