Bachelor of Arts in Decorative and Applied Art and Traditional Crafts


Program Description

Faculty of Fine Art and Design is the main structural unit of Gzhel State University, located in the very center of Russian Ceramic Art. History of artistic education in Gzhel has its beginnings in 1899 with the opening of Drawing Courses at The Stroganov Imperial School of Art. In 2003 the Faculty was established, and the first generation of students was enrolled in the program of "Decorative and Applied Art".

The Faculty is headed by the associate professor Galina Petrovna Moskovskaya - Honoured Artist of The Russian Federation, a member of The Union of Russian Artists.

The Faculty Staff consists of highly qualified lecturers - professors, assistant professors, Honoured Artists of Russian Federation, Honoured professionals in the field of cultural activity, bearers of postdoctoral and Ph.D. degrees.

Within the framework of educational process students acquire substantial theoretical knowledge in subjects of Art History, History of Technical Design, History of Art Ceramics, Materials Science and Technology, alongside with general artistic skills in the fields of Academic Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Plastic Modelling, and professional training in different areas of engineering.

Students are obliged to consolidate and improve acquired knowledge and practical skills through the processes of study and working practices in manufactures, Folk Art enterprises of the Moscow Region, and Moscow museums.

Every year, student graduation works replenish the collection of the University Museum of Decorative and Applied Art.

Facilities and technical resources include potteries, plaster modeling and mold-making workshops, painting classrooms, carving and stained glass workshops - where students have the opportunity to work with different kinds of materials, carrying out their educational tasks and putting them into realization their experimental, creative and graduation projects.

The University Museum, whose collection continuously increases due to the acquisition of new showpieces, plays in the educational process a role of utter importance.

Methodical, Still life and Plaster molds holdings have been formed; our students find at their disposition fully-equipped specialized workshops, classrooms suited for work on Art and Design projects, Art History, Lecture Halls, Computer classrooms, Library and Gymnasium.

The Faculty realizes professional training programs in the fields of Decorative and Applied Art and Traditional Crafts, Design and Artistic Folk culture.


Basic Profile Courses:

  • Art History,
  • History of Traditional Artistic Crafts (TAC),
  • History of Artistic Ceramics,
  • Academic and Technical Drawing
  • Academic Painting,
  • Academic Sculpture,
  • Plastic Modelling,
  • Colour Science,
  • Propedeutics,
  • Materials Science and Ceramics Technology,
  • Digital Technologies and Computer Graphics
  • Elements of Decorative Plastic,
  • Elements of Graphical Stylisation,
  • Construction and Modelling,
  • Elements of Pottery,
  • Elements of Composition,
  • Elements of Architecture,
  • Architectural Ceramics,
  • Decorative Ceramics.


Students of the Faculty take an active part in International and Russian Art exhibitions, festivals, student scientific and working conferences.

Students conduct master-classes on painting and pottery making in Youth Creativity Centres, public and artistic schools, at the All-Russian Exhibition "Vessel".

Traditional events at the Faculty include the organization of individual teaching-staff and student exhibitions, organization of the International Festival "Artistic Ceramics", events as "Student Initiation", graduation nights, thematic field trips, encounters with leading Artists and Designers from Russia and abroad.

The Faculty maintains and develops active relations with professionally akin higher educational institutions, production units, and Artistic Unions such as the Union of Russian Artists, Union of Designers of Russia, Moscow and Moscow Region; actively assists graduates in the employment process.

The Faculty students also take an active part in scientific and research work under the guidance of teaching-staff members; take part in scientific and work conferences. Faculty students are laureates of the Moscow Student Festival "PHAESTOS", the UNESCO Award, Award of the International Competition of Young Designers "The Golden Line", Award of the All-Russian "Young Talents" competition, and other cultural events.

The Faculty holds firm positions on the educational market of the Russian Federation.

Last updated Nov 2020

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Nowadays, Gzhel State University (GSU) appears as a dynamically developing educational center, whose institutional body includes 50 educational and scientific subunits. According to the results of the last monitoring of higher professional education institutions, conducted by the Ministry of Education and Science, our University was, by all adopted criteria, recognized as effective. Read less