New York City: A train ride away. If you’re a student in our dance and theatre program, you will study with faculty who are professional choreographers, directors, playwrights, dancers, dance therapists, theatre educators and actors with years of experience on and off Broadway. Our dance curriculum focuses on a sequential study of contemporary dance technique employing a variety of current and traditional styles and methods, with an emphasis on composition and choreography. Theatre training includes a sequential study of acting, voice, and speech, dramatic literature, as well as directing and design.


Your dance and theatre training goes beyond the studio and the stage. The liberal arts are at the core of every Manhattanville education and our program is no different. At the same time that you develop practical skills in technique and performance, your core classes in the humanities, and math and sciences will help you develop into an articulate, literate, and socially aware citizen. The goal of our department is to enliven the mind and express the creative spirit that lies within us all. Your studies will combine knowledge with experience, exploration of technique with the study of performance history, theory, and critical research. This mode of study is comparable to the relationship between lecture and laboratory in liberal arts science courses, such as Biology.

You’ll explore the collaborative frontiers where dance and theatre meet.

Majors in our areas of concentration - dance, theatre and dance therapy are accepted by audition. The course of study culminates in a guided senior thesis project of your devising, which reflects your influences and interests.

Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue internships for credit at any of several studios, theaters and other outlets in New York City.

Dance and Theatre Major Requirements

Note: Students pursuing a B.A. in Dance & Theatre must complete a total of 69 credits for Dance, 70 for Theatre and 70 for Dance Therapy Concentrations.

In addition to requirements for the major course of study, General Education Core courses must be completed. For a BA a minimum of 90 liberal arts credits must be included in courses taken over the four years. Courses followed by a double asterisk (**) do not receive Liberal Arts credit.

Dance and Theatre majors may take up to 21 credits per semester. Dance and Dance Therapy Concentration students routinely take a compliment dance of techniques in Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, beyond the minimum required. Theatre Concentration students also do studio electives and more performances than the minimum required.

Majors and Minors must receive a grade of C or better in all Dance and Theatre courses that will be used toward the major. A course for the major that receives below a C will need to be repeated and a grade below a C places the student in a provisional status within the Department.

Students who receive below a C for a DTH course must meet with Department Advisors.

Core Courses (All Students)

DTH 1000 Creative Process 3
DTH 1001 Acting I 3
DTH 1440 Freshman Project 2 2
DTH 1500 Stagecraft I: Sets and Lights 2
DTH 1502 Stagecraft Ii: Costume Design 2
DTH 2002 Viewpoints 2
DTH 4114 Contact Improvisation 2
DTH 2535 Lighting Design I 3
DTH 2319 Junior Seminar 3
DTH 3XXX Performance Seminars (2) 6
DTH 3320 Senior Thesis Seminar I 3
DTH 3321 Senior Thesis Seminar II 3
DTH 3542 Stage Management 2
DTH 4010 Voice & Speech I 2
DTH 4101 Modern Dance Technique I 2
DTH 4112 Yoga 1
DTH 4XXX Performance Project -Dance** or Theatre (2 productions, 1 credit each) 2
DTH 4500a Production Practicum Stage Crew 1
DTH 4500B Production Practicum Stage Management 1
Attendance at Department Meetings N/C
Subtotal 44

DTH 1440, DTH 1500, DTH 1502, DTH 2002, DTH 4114, DTH 2535, DTH 3542, DTH 4101, DTH 4112, DTH 4500A: do not receive Liberal Arts credit

DTH 2319: Spring

DTH 3320, DTH 3321: Fall & Spring

DTH 4500A: 2 productions, 1 credit each

DTH 4500B: 1 credit

Total Core Credits: 44 (Liberal Arts: 23-25)


Bachelor of Arts. Students can also choose to minor in Dance or Theatre. Majors can concentrate in the following areas: Dance, Theatre or Dance Therapy.

Career ideas

Actor/Actress, Arts Administration, Choreographer, Costume Designer, Dance or Drama Teacher, Dance Therapist, Dancer, Director, Dramaturge, Entrepreneur, Event Planner, Lighting Designer, Playwright, Producer, Production Assistant, Public Relations Practitioner, Recreational Therapist, Set Designer, Somatic Body Therapist, Stage Crew, Stage Manager, Technical Director, TV or Radio Broadcaster.

Program taught in:
  • English

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