Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts


Program Description

Communication is a powerful process that influences our professional and personal lives, and those who study and understand it equips themselves for a lifetime of opportunities.

Media literacy is the foundation of our philosophy. The Department of Communications understands that a democratic society depends upon an informed citizenry who can critique media practices, analyze media messages, and effectively communicate ideas in an ever-changing media landscape.

We value experiential learning and teach students how to produce mass media content, communicate in professional environments, and conduct academic research. We also encourage them to join our student organizations, network with media professionals, and travel to conferences.

Students may pursue a BA degree in Communication Arts. Communications majors will complete 20-22 credit hours of major core requirements and 24 credit hours in their chosen option.

  • Cinematic Arts - emphasizes artistic growth while developing professional film and digital media production qualifications.
    • Cinematographer
    • Producer
    • Director
    • Screenwriter
    • Location and Foley Sound
    • Video Editor
  • Communication Studies - emphasizes the applied and theoretical aspects of human communication as a social science.
    • Corporate or Professional Sales and Management
    • Ministerial Offices
    • Government Communications Specialist
    • Speech Writer
    • Higher Education (Admissions and Student Services)
    • Various Leadership and Service Positions

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Major in Communication Arts

General Education Component
Area I (Written Composition) 1 6
Area II (Humanities and Fine Arts) 12
Area III (Natural Sciences and Mathematics) 2 11
Area IV (History, Social and Behavioral Sciences) 12
Area V
Major Core Requirements in Communication Arts
COM 205 Communication in a Global Age 3
COM 215 Media Writing 3
Select one from the following:
COM 243 Aural-Visual Production 3,4 or
COM 253 Introduction to Film Production
COM 303W Communications Research Methods or
TH 310W Script Analysis
COM 314 Communication Theory and the Public Interest 3
COM 400W Communication Law and Ethics 3
COM 420 Portfolio Preparation 5 1
COM 498 Independent Study 1-3 or
COM 499 Internship
Major Concentration Requirements
Select one concentration option from the following: 24
  • Cinematic Arts
  • Communication Studies
A minor and/or additional courses are required to bring the total to 120 hours
Total Hours 79

1 For the Bachelor of Arts degree, the student must satisfy the following requirement: 6 hours of a required foreign language at the introductory level.

2 The Department of Communications does not accept Mathematical Reasoning for the Arts (MA 111) to fulfill the general education mathematics requirement.

3 Fulfills computer literacy requirement.

4 Aural-Visual Production (COM 243) for Option II: Communication Studies or Introduction to Film Production (COM 253) for Option I: Film and Digital Media Production.

5 Includes exit surveys.

Concentration Options

Cinematic Arts

COM 133 Cinema Appreciation 3
COM 383W Screenwriting Fundamentals 3
COM 393W Short Screenplay Writing 3
COM 423 Intermediate Film Production 3
COM 443 Advanced Film Production 3
COM 483 Film Practicum Pre-Production 3
COM 493 Film Production Practicum 3
Select three hours of Communication electives at the 300/400 level 3
Total Hours 24

Communication Studies

COM 221 Human Communication 3
COM 306 Interpersonal Communication 3
COM 308 Nonverbal Communication 3
COM 330 Group Communication 3
COM 402 Persuasion 3
Select six additional hours from the following Communication courses: 6
COM 320 Political Communication
COM 331 Argumentation and Debate
COM 386 Gender Communication
COM 417 Intercultural Communication
COM 440 Organizational Communication
Select three hours of Communication electives at the 330/400 level 3
Total Hours 24

Tuition & Fees

Alabama Resident Non-Resident
1-11 Hours $277.00/hour $554.00/hour
12-18 Hours $4,155.00 flat rate $8,310.00 flat rate

Last updated Aug 2019

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