Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language and Literature


Program Description

The Arabic Department's mission aims at preserving and enriching the Arabic Language as a written text and spoken discourse capable of reflecting the diversity and complexity of the Arabic/ Islamic culture and civilization. The Department is also determined to enhance and develop Arabic Language teaching and pedagogy in a sophisticated way in order to reinforce the Arabic / Islamic identity of the nation. Further, the Department aims to academically prepare a generation of graduates, holders of a college degree in Arabic Language and Literature, able to participate in the enrichment of the intellectual, cultural and educational institutions inside and outside UAE. As a center of cultural illumination and scholarship, the Arabic Department at UAEU supports multi-disciplinary activities promoting inter-civilizational dialogue and giving priority to genuine social values and moral traditions. In addition to a deep-rooted interest in Arabic literary heritage, the Department aims to build bridges with other cultures exploring new avenues of cultural diversity and integrating foreign language education in its curriculum.

This is the internal view of the Holy Quran the book of Islam.

Program Objectives

  • Developing students' knowledge of the language and organizing modern linguistic theories that students studied them.
  • Developing students' knowledge of literature and criticism and deepening understanding of the heritage, Literature, and contemporary literary and critical theories.
  • Giving students the skills that would enable them to exercise good reading, comprehension, and expression.
  • Developing methods of scientific research and critical thinking.
  • Developing love and faith to the homeland, nation, language and belief in human values.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Form the structure of the word according to dictionaries and Morphological rules.
  • Mention verbal changes, meters, and meanings.
  • Control vocabulary use grammatically according to language standards.
  • Shape linguistic structures correctly according to grammatical rules.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of modern linguistic theories in the analysis of the structures and detecting their implications.
  • Explain literary text and revealing meaning, purpose, and images.
  • Show the most important critical issues addressed by the old critics.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of modern theories of criticism.
  • Listen to the most important sources of literary heritage, rhetoric, criticism and their authors.
  • know famous (the figures) poets, writers, and their ages and literary production.
  • Read the text correctly without linguistic or stylistic errors.
  • Express orally and accurate expression of the meanings and purposes of the texts.
  • Criticize the text objectively.
  • Analyze text in a literary and Scientific way.
  • Explain the literary image revealing the elements of its aesthetic values.
  • Specify the subject of the search to allow Innovation and creativity
  • Specify the method and the plan that suit the search subject.
  • Use the Library and Network in obtaining sources and the preparation of the scientific subject
  • Discuss opinions and views rationally and scientifically.
  • Write search in a way that demonstrates scientific thinking and linguistic aesthetics.
  • Provide evidence of the impact of our Arabic creativity in human heritage
  • Express writings that show the richness of language and its ability to deal with the modern age.
  • Demonstrate pride in the nation, faith, and richness of Arabic and Islamic culture and Heritage.
  • Collaborate with others to accomplish the scientific goals of teamwork research.
Last updated May 2020

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