Bachelor of Arts/ Social Sciences (Hons) in Geography/ History/ Sociology and Liberal Studies Teaching (Double Degrees)


Program Description

The student who is interested in this programme will be admitted through the Broad-based admission scheme. Students will be provided with a broad-based social sciences training and theoretical and practical knowledge of educational practices in their first year of study. Before progression to Year 2, students will be assigned to one of the majors by internal application and enroll in one of the following programmes accordingly:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in History and Bachelor of Education (Hons) in Liberal Studies Teaching
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Geography and Bachelor of Education (Hons) in Liberal Studies Teaching
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons) in Sociology and Bachelor of Education (Hons) in Liberal Studies Teaching

Programme Description

This is a five-year full-time Double Degree programme, providing students with knowledge and skills in the academic discipline of Education and Geography/History/Sociology. Graduates will receive a recognised teaching qualification. In addition to two academic disciplines, students will also be exposed to the knowledge and skills of many other fields through the General Education and Electives components of the programmes.

Most courses on-campus are taught by a combination of lecture-discussion and seminars. Some courses will be held in late afternoon and Saturday morning. Blended learning is also commonly used. For Field Practice in schools, students will be supervised on-site by school mentors and assessed by supervisors from the Department of Education Studies. Students will also be observed by peers.

During the 5th year of study, students complete their Honours Projects under the guidance of the Department of Geography/History/Sociology.

Unique Features

Double degree students have "dual identities" as they are majoring in both Education and another Social Sciences discipline. They take Geography/ History/ Sociology courses together with those who major in these "single degrees". For Education courses, students from various Majors (Geography/ History/ Sociology) will team together, providing them with many chances to share their knowledge and insights gained from the Majors.

Student Learning Experiences

The University provides ample opportunities for local and foreign internships, study tours and overseas exchanges. Field Practice in local schools is an essential element of the BEd degree within the programme and students must complete them satisfactorily. Field Practice consists of two components: School Experience and Supervised Teaching Practice. Please refer to the programme website for details.

Career Opportunities

Graduates will obtain a recognized teaching qualification. Besides joining the education sector, they will also be able to embark on a career in the business sector, the civil service, or other civil society organisations.


Applicants must satisfy both the general university requirements and the special requirements of the programme. For details, please go to


The tuition fee of full-time undergraduate programmes for 2019-20 is HK$42,100 for local students and HK$140,000 for non-local students* respectively. Fees are to be paid in two equal instalments. (Currency conversion rate: US$1= HK$7.8)

Reasons for Choosing Hong Kong as a Study Destination

1.Be part of the “Chinese Adventure” with a Western heritage

2.Learning Chinese language and culture

3.Exciting and vibrant city with lots to do

4.Many multinational corporations based in Hong Kong

5.Window to China

6.Gateway to Southeast Asia

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