Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Physical Education and Recreation Management


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Program Description

Aims and Objectives

To be physically active is an integral and important part of healthy living. With the increasing awareness and need for quality and active lifestyles, the numbers of public and private sport facilities, fitness clubs, and residential clubhouses have increased substantially over the years. There is a high demand for professional management of sports and recreation programmes and facilities as well as delivery of quality physical education in school and community environments. With the continual demand for trained graduates in the field of physical education, sport, and recreation management, the "Physical Education and Recreation Management" (PERM) programme was established in 1992. The overall aim of the PERM is to provide students with sufficient depth and breadth of knowledge, skills, and practical experience (internship) in the discipline of physical education and recreation management. Furthermore, under the ethos of "whole person education" of the University, our students will also receive a strong liberal arts education such that they can embark on a variety of careers.
Specifically, the objectives of the PERM are to enable students to:

  • Acquire knowledge and concepts in physical education, sport sciences, and recreation;
  • Understand the key issues concerning physical education and recreation management in society;
  • Apply knowledge and skills to effectively select, plan, conduct, and manage programmes in physical education, sport, health fitness, and recreation;
  • Apply a variety of assessment tools for evaluating physical education, sport, health fitness, and recreation programmes;
  • Develop critical thinking skills, independent research skills, communication skills, and teamwork skills; and
  • Develop positive attitudes towards the adoption of a healthy active lifestyle.

The PERM programme covers sport science theory and knowledge and sport skill practical courses that are essential for a physical education teacher trainee as well as for a sport coach. For those students who opt for the "Teaching Physical Education in Schools" career track, they need to enrol for an additional year of "Teacher Certificate" programme. By fulfilling the teacher training requirement, graduates can then be eligible to apply for the "Registered Physical Education Teacher" status.


Internship Programme

The internship is one of the essential components of the Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Degree in Physical Education and Recreation Management (PERM) at the Hong Kong Baptist University. It is a strategy of applied learning and a structured programme developed and supervised by the University in collaboration with local and overseas sport and recreation agencies. The internship experience is a valuable element to nurture students' professionalism and practice to prepare for their future career.



  • To gain practical experience in recreation and sports fields.
  • To integrate and apply the theories and knowledge learned in the classroom to real life experience.
  • To develop self-confidence, social and communication skills.
  • To discover strengths and weaknesses while working as an apprentice.

International Exchange

In order to encourage our PERM (Physical Education and Recreation Mangement) students to broaden their global visions, we have provided numerous overseas exchanges opportunities for them during their study period.

To strengthen the international experience of PERM students by working closely with the Metropolitan Attachment Programme from Student Affairs Office (SAO) and international exchange programmes from International Office (IO) of Hong Kong Baptist University.
The following support will be given to our PERM students:

  • Academic advice and credit transfers.
  • Tailor-made seminar of international exchange programmes.
  • Identification of new partner universities in physical education, recreation and exercise sciences for exchange.

Currently, we have academic partners from USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Mainland China and Taiwan. Exchange opportunities would be further explored when students are interested. This partnership programme will add value to the students in building their global views.



Applicants must satisfy both the general university requirements and the special requirements of the programme. For details, please go to


The tuition fee of full-time undergraduate programmes for 2020-21 is HK$42,100 for local students and HK$140,000 for non-local students* respectively. Fees are to be paid in two equal instalments. (Currency conversion rate: US$1= HK$7.8)

Reasons for Choosing Hong Kong as a Study Destination

1.Be part of the “Chinese Adventure” with a Western heritage

2.Learning Chinese language and culture

3.Exciting and vibrant city with lots to do

4.Many multinational corporations based in Hong Kong

5.Window to China

6.Gateway to Southeast Asia

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