Bachelor of Arts (BA) Psychology


Program Description

The Bsc Bachelor of Science Psychology course at the International Psychoanalytic University imparts psychology as a science that maps the human as a social and cultural being. Students learn how human individuals develop themselves in social and societal contexts, how they shape and structure their surroundings, how they become mentally ill under unfavorable conditions, and how they can become healthy again in a conducive relationship bond using psychological means.

Psychoanalytical psychology has been developed in practice and it has to prove itself in real applications. The intention with the course is to reflect the interdependence between theory formation on the one hand and application on the other: The students learn, in close contact with practice, how psychological concepts emerge from the practical resolution of concrete problems and impact on them in turn. One essential aspect here is that the graduates from this study course become capable of working independently in the field of psychology; to this extent, the BSc PsychologyPLUS at the IPU is intended to provide a long-term qualification for a professional career in psychology. The course is approved and officially accredited by the Berlin Senate.


Course Structure and Organization

The BSc PsychologyPLUS is structured as a full-time course of studies over 6 semesters comprising 180 ECTS credits. The syllabus covers the "classic" subjects of psychology, such as general psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, and empirical research methods, as well as biopsychology and neurocognitive psychology in addition to work and organizational psychology. The "clinical" subjects with differential psychology and diagnostics as well as theories and methods of psychological intervention form one focus of this study course, because experience shows that most of the graduates from psychology courses work in the counseling or psychotherapy fields. In addition, there is an "affine" area with courses offered from neighboring disciplines. Furthermore, the students gain work experience by completing practical, work-placement professional training.



Bachelor of Science Psychology graduates is capable of working competently and independently in numerous fields of applied psychology. The intention is for them to become capable of analyzing the results of scientific research and use them in their work. The graduates of this course can of course subsequently undertake a Master's degree (MA) in psychology studies. The graduates from the Bsc Psychology study course fulfill the requirements for subsequent admission to the training to become a psychological psychotherapist in accordance with German law.

Applicant Entry Requirements

The BSc Psychology study course can be taken in the summer and winter semesters. The next course begins in the summer semester of 2020. In order to apply for the study course, applicants must have a general qualification for university entrance (such as the A levels in Great Britain or the Abitur in Germany) or a subject-specific certificate of access to higher education in accordance with Sec. 11 Berlin Higher Education Act (BerlHg).*

The IPU strives to ensure that a personal selection process with an interview is conducted with each applicant for this course. Enrolment into a later semester in accordance with Sec. 23a Berlin Higher Education Act (BerlHg) is possible provided previous course achievements can be evidenced which are sufficiently similar to the IPU's BSc Psychology study course with respect to their scope and thematic focus. Likewise, competencies that have been gained outside higher education can be taken into account. Recognition of prior knowledge or qualifications achieved is undertaken by the exam commission (chairman: Prof. Dr. Stürmer). Enrolment into a later semester can be conditional on taking Bridging Courses in general psychology, developmental psychology or methodology, including the successful conclusion of an entrance exam. When processing applications, the university management reserves the right to defer or reject an application. With such a decision, the management takes into consideration the overall impression gained from the application: The secondary school results, the motivation for choosing the profession, the applicant's interests and their prior experience or social commitment as the case may be. The majority of the applicants are invited to a personal interview. The minutes of the interview is recorded and result in a recommendation to the university management to accept or reject the applicant. Applications for the 2020 winter semester may be submitted from October 2019. (*Sec. 11 provides a range of differing options. For which reason prospective students should study it carefully.)


The Plus in the Bachelor at the IPU

The BSc PsychologyPLUS at the IPU offers certified in-depth practice-related competencies as an additional option.

In addition to the undergraduate subject areas in the BSc study course, you can also receive a "Psychodynamic Communication Skills" certificate which is awarded when you complete a full course week of supervised communication skills and you have already completed the following regular subject areas in the study course:

  • "Practice of Clinical Psychology" exercises in "Module 7 Principles of Clinical Psychology"
  • Attend the "Introduction to Intervention" lecture in Module 9
  • The "Basic Competencies for Psychological Intervention and Counselling" practical seminar in Module 9
  • The "Introduction to Scientific Work, Presenting and Communicating" seminar in Module 12
  • Complete an English course in which specialist psychological-psychoanalytical English is taught by a qualified native speaker

The "Psychodynamic Communication Skills" Certificate and the acquisition of the specialist English terminology are free of charge and in addition to the study components which have to be completed. The intention with them is to further improve your career prospects already gained with your BSc degree.

Last updated Jan 2020

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