Bachelor of Art in Education


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Program Description

Bachelor of Art in Education

All students seeking an endorsement in Elementary Education grades Kindergarten – eight – must complete the following Option in Elementary Education.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Content Area Studies–Teacher education candidates develop content area expertise teacher candidates will have a broad knowledge in the field or subject in which they choose to specialize.
  2. Pedagogical Studies–Teacher education candidates develop pedagogical content knowledge, teacher candidates will demonstrate a repertoire of methods that make content knowledge easily understood and relevant by a variety of learners
  3. Professional Disposition & Integrity—Teacher education candidates develop professional dispositions, character, skills, and traits appropriate for the teaching profession. The candidates demonstrate professionalism, dependability, social maturity, a cooperative attitude, enthusiasm, initiative, and confidentiality, especially as it relates to student information.
  4. Professional Development—Teacher education candidates recognize what is involved in being a lifelong educator, establish their own professional identities, and effectively collaborate within the learning community.

Core Classes:

  • EDUC 208 Teacher Education Principles & Practicum
  • EDUC 209 Teacher Education Orientation
  • EDUC 255 Differentiated Instruction for the Diverse Learner
  • EDUC 300 Managing the Learning Environment for Effective Teaching*
  • EDUC 315 Educational Technology*
  • EDUC 317 Assessment for Student Learning*
  • EDUC 400 Professional and Collaborative Practices*
  • EDUC 410 Elementary Student Teaching*
  • EDUC 420 Student Teaching Seminar*
  • SPED 200 Introduction to Special Education

General Studies Requirements:

  • PSYC 250 Human Growth & Development

Requirements for Elementary Education Option:

  • ART 308 Art Exploration
  • EDUC 290 Selecting & Evaluating Literature for Elementary Curriculum
  • EDUC 301 Practicum – Social Studies & Language Arts*
  • EDUC 302 Practicum – Math & Science*
  • EDUC 325 Teaching Language Arts in Elementary/Middle School*
  • EDUC 326 Teaching Social Studies in Elementary/Middle School*
  • EDUC 327 Teaching Math in Elementary/Middle School*
  • EDUC 328 Teaching Science in Elementary/Middle School*
  • EDUC 334 Teaching Reading in Elementary School*
  • EDUC 403 Diagnostic and Remedial Reading*
  • EDUC 405 Diagnostic and Remedial Math*
  • EDUC 430 Integrated Curriculum for the Elementary Environment*
  • EDUC 438 Professional Collaboration with Parents & Families*
  • MUSC 251 Elementary Music Methods
  • HPER 313 Physical Education & Health for Elementary/Middle School
  • HPER 322 Coordinated School & Community Health

In addition to the above requirements, Elementary Education majors must meet the following content area requirements:

  • 6 credit hours in Communication Courses (speech, composition or literature)
  • 6 credit hours in Mathematics Courses
  • 6 credit hours in Natural Science Courses (one biology and one physical science)
  • 6 credit hours in Social Science Courses (American History required)
  • One Fine Arts Course (Art, Music or Theatre)

*Indicates restricted courses

Professional Organizations:

  • PSEA – Peru Student Education Association
  • KDP – Kappa Delta Pi
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