Bachelor of Architecture


Program Description


The Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design offers a Bachelor of Architecture, enabling students to pursue licensure after completing degree requirements. The Bachelor of Architecture is a five-year professional degree.

The design is the focus of undergraduate studies and provides students with access to resources involving research, building, and community components. Students gain hands-on experience in studio courses with guidance from experienced faculty.

The Bachelor of Architecture degree is accredited through the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). Please visit the Accreditation page to learn more.

Degree Plan

The degree plan is structured to immerse students in a focused education that will build their skills to be top leaders and innovators in the field of architecture.

The program for the Bachelor of Architecture degree (first professional degree) is a five-year curriculum of at least 160 semester credit hours. The focus of the curriculum is preparation for professional practice in architecture and emphasizes sustainability, critical thinking, research, and technology. The curriculum is divided into four segments: Foundation Level, Intermediate Level, Comprehensive Design, and Professional Level.

The curriculum includes at least 100 semester hours of architecture courses, 61 of which are advanced (3000 level or higher), the university required core courses, 1 approved general elective, and 15 semester hours of general elective courses.

Foundation Level


ARCH 1200: Introduction to Architecture, Industrial Design, and Interior Architecture
ARCH 1500: Architecture Design Studio I
ENGL 1303: First-Year Writing I*
MATH 1310: College Algebra*
HIST 1377: The U.S. to 1877*


ARCH 1359: Design Since 1945*
ARCH 1501: Architecture Design Studio II
ENGL 1304: First-Year Writing II*
MATH 1330: Precalculus*
HIST 1378: The U.S. Since 1877*


ARCH 2500: Architecture Design Studio III
ARCH 2327: Technology 1
ARCH 2350: Survey of Architectural History I*
PHYS 1301: Introductory General Physics I*
Language, Philosophy, and Culture Core Course*

Intermediate Level


ARCH 2501: Architecture Design Studio IV
ARCH 2351: Survey of Architectural History II*
ARCH 2328: Technology 2
Architecture Elective
PHYS 1302: Introductory General Physics II*


ARCH 3500: Architecture Design Studio V
ARCH 3327: Technology 3
ARCH 2230: Programming
Architecture History Elective
POLS 1336: U.S. and Texas Constitution & Politics*


ARCH 3328: Technology 4
ARCH 3501: Design Studio VI
POLS 1337: U.S. Government: Congress, President and Courts*
Social and Behavioral Sciences Core Course*
Approved Elective

Comprehensive Design


ARCH 4510: Architecture Design Studio VII
ARCH 4373: Urban Environments
ARCH 4427: Technology 5
Architecture History Elective

Professional Level


ARCH 5500: Architecture Design Studio VIII
ARCH 4360: Technology 6
Architecture Elective


ARCH 5500: Architecture Design Studio IX
Architecture Research Approved Elective (Tech 7)


ARCH 5500: Architecture Design Studio X
Approved Integrative Course
Approved Integrative Course

*University Core Curriculum Courses

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