Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology: Network Administration and Security


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Program Description

Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology: Network Administration and Security

Earn a great living wage. Make a difference. Earn your Bachelor's in Network Administration & Security at Green River College. Reach your potential in high-demand careers such as network and systems administration, information security, and computer support.

  • Earn a degree designed around the skills and certifications employers want.
  • Hands-on, applied learning with the latest technologies.
  • Small class sizes and dedicated faculty who care about your success.
  • Day and evening classes available with full- or part-time scheduling.
  • Our program includes wrap-around support services, including resume services, internship resources and scholarships.

Median pay forComputer Support Specialists,Network and Computer System Administrators, andInformation Security Analystsis $48,900, $72,560, and $86,170 peryear.

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Entry Requirements

Incoming students must have earned associate’s degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution that includes 20 credits of general education courses. Students who do not have an associate’s degree or higher but have completed some college coursework or have prior work experience are encouraged to meet with an advisor in the Information Technology department to develop an education plan for entry into the program.

A cumulative GPA of 2.0 from all college coursework is required. Students must also have earned a minimum grade of 2.5 in all technical courses including those in Computer Science and Information Technology. Lastly, the following courses, equivalent experience or certifications are strongly recommended before entering this program:

  • IT 102 Introduction to Programming
  • IT 114 CompTIA A+ Certification Preparation
  • IT 131 Networking Fundamentals
  • IT 160 Windows Server Administration I
  • IT 190 Linux Administration I
  • IT 210 Introduction to Routing and Switching

IT 24Sample Schedule

Quarter 1

  • Network SecurityFoundations
  • Virtualization andStorage
  • General Education course

Quarter 2

  • Enterprise Routing andSwitching
  • Scripting for Linux andWindows
  • Project Management

Quarter 3

  • Network Security& Firewalls
  • Advanced TechnicalWriting
  • General Education course

Quarter 4

  • Intro Forensics andVulnerability
  • Mobile Devices andWireless Threat
  • Professional Ethics

Quarter 5

  • Designing/SupportingNetworks
  • Analysis
  • General Educationcourse

Quarter 6

  • Capstone Course
  • Diversity in theWorkplace
  • General Educationcourse

Our degree program starts twice a year, and follows a cohort model: students progress through the degree program together. The fall cohort start is built with full-time students in mind who take classes during the day. The winter cohort is built with part-time students in mind who take classes two evenings a week.

Cost of Attendance

At Green River College, earning a bachelor’s degree has never been more affordable. The estimated price if you attend full time as a Washington state resident is approximately $2,400 a quarter , plus books and course fees. For a detailed breakdown,visit our tuition and fee chart.

How we compare to other Washington universities:

Annual Tuition and Fees Comparison for Washington Residents

  • Green River BAS degree - $7,677.12
  • Evergreen State College - $8,364.00
  • Western Washington University - $8,610.75
  • Washington State University - $11,966.00
  • University of Washington - $11,839.00

Meet the Team

Sheila Capps, Program Manager

Sheila Capps has happily worked in the fields of education and technology for her entire career. The common denominator among all of her jobs is that they have been student-focused, and her overarching goal is to support and foster student success. As Program Manager, Sheila engages new students, advises and provides wrap-around support services to current students, and mentors and cheers students on to graduation.

Alan Carter, Faculty, Program Director

Alan taught Microsoft, Novell, and custom courseware throughout the United States for 15 years before joining the faculty at Green River College and teaching information technology courses for the past 10 years. He has also installed and supported complex networks while working as staff for regional and national value added resellers. In addition, Alan published several bestselling technical books, including Windows NT 4.0 MCSE Study Guide (IDG Books Worldwide, 1998) and Windows 2000 MCSE Study System (IDG Books Worldwide, 2000). Tim “Dr. T” Mason, Faculty

Tim has taught Microsoft, Unix, Linux and programming courses for the past 15 years and now teaches full-time at Green River College. He has served as Founder and COO of, a predecessor to current cloud storage providers, as a Chief Information Security Officer for an international cryptographic provider, and as a Chief Cryptologist for the Department of Defense. Krish Mahadevan, Faculty

Krish currently teaches server and client technologies in Windows and Linux. He has an extensive background in electrical and automotive systems engineering, having worked at Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Mich igan, and at Cummins Incorporated in Charleston, South Carolina , specializing in real-time embedded systems programming. Simone Jarzabek, Faculty

Simone started her career at Boeing Company working as a Systems Administrator and as a Technical Project Manager. Prior to joining the faculty at Green River College, she taught Information Technology for 13 years at ITT Technical Institute and Highline College. Simone received her M.A. in Information Technology and Digital Forensics from American Public University, a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington, and a B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics from University of Puget Sound.

Green River - A leader in university transfer

Our 2+2 transfer program offers students an opportunity to start their four-year bachelor's degree. The transfer program provides courses equivalent to the first two years of a university degree. Students can take two years at Green River College, then transfer to a university to complete their four-year degree.

Education Requirements

In order to obtain a bachelor's degree in the US, all students must complete specific requirements for their major as well as general education requirements which represent a foundation of learning in various areas including Math, Writing, Science, Social Science and Humanities. Students are given freedom to select classes of their choice from general categories. For example, within the "Social Science" category, students can choose any one of the following subjects: sociology, psychology, political science, history, geography and others. The Humanities category includes: art, speech, communications, languages, music, philosophy, and others. Science includes: chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, and others.

Green River knows how important housing is to the success of a student. This is why our housing staff go the extra mile to give the best experience possible by providing a caring, positive, safe and supportive American living experience.


Experience traditional American college life at Campus Corner Apartments (CCA)

Students enjoy a convenient, on-campus location; comfortable, high-quality facilities; an excellent study environment; and an opportunity to get involved and make friends in supportive student community of 340 American and international students. Students must be 17 years old at the time of move-in.

Benefits of Living On Campus:

  • Living on campus is convenient!
  • Walking distance to class, library, fitness center, gym and Performing Arts Center
  • Community Center where you can meet and make friends from all over the world
  • Lots of on-site student activities
  • Private and group study areas
  • Easy to get involved in campus activities
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Students can take two years at Green River College, then transfer to a university to complete their four-year degree.

Students can take two years at Green River College, then transfer to a university to complete their four-year degree. Read less
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