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This Bachelor of Business Administration program provides students with the knowledge, skills and management skills.

This training will enable them to conduct effective analyzes, syntheses and interventions within organizations. A first block of the bachelor's degree in administration, common to all, will make them able to perform well the management of people, marketing, operations as well as strategic, accounting and financial management. To entrench training in contemporary issues, several key themes will be addressed in the classroom, such as the phenomenon of globalization and competition in societies, technologies and organizations with the need for innovation in permanence, as well as the ethical, media and political challenges that no contemporary leader can escape. Beyond generic skills, students also have the opportunity to specialize in a field by choosing a concentration.

Profiles offered

Regular path

The regular path includes 30 courses, equivalent to six semesters of full-time study.

Cooperative path

The cooperative pathway allows for three paid work-study internships. In addition to the 30 courses offered, this path also includes three full-time paid internships of 12 to 17 weeks. Admission to this pathway is made on a selective basis after completing three full-time studies.

Concentrations and Profile

Entrepreneurship concentration

This concentration allows students to understand the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) community and to develop entrepreneurship skills that are increasingly sought after by all types of organizations. Once they have completed this concentration, they will be able to advise companies, manage an SME and start their own business.

Offered in Gatineau and Saint-Jérôme.

Finance Concentration

This concentration is for students who wish to act as financial advisors to businesses and individuals. At the end of their studies, they will be able to select and manage the portfolio best suited to the needs of their clients, to make the most profitable investment choices, to choose the best forms of financing available, to opt for forms of investment that provide the best return and offer the most advantageous solution in the case of a loan.

Offered in Gatineau and Saint-Jérôme.

Real estate management and valuation concentration

This concentration is for students who wish to assimilate basic knowledge in the field of real estate. They will acquire concepts, knowledge, skills, and skills in real estate management and valuation that allow them to conduct effective analyzes, summaries and interventions related to the value of a real estate property or right.

Only available in Gatineau.

International Management Concentration

This concentration is for students interested in international management and international development. They will gain knowledge of globalization, international trade, intercultural management, economics and international finance as well as international cooperation and international development.

Only available in Gatineau.

Concentration management and people management

This concentration is aimed at students who are interested in the human aspects of organizations and, more specifically, in human resources management. Once they have completed this concentration, they will be able to assess and plan the staffing needs of a company or organization, ensure the recruitment, selection and hiring of employees, establish employment policies and compensation, to coordinate training activities and to manage employee assistance programs.

Offered in Gatineau and Saint-Jérôme.

Marketing focus

This concentration is for students interested in the process of marketing a product or service. Upon completion of their studies, they will be able to analyze the needs, profile and behavior of consumers, develop an advertising and sales promotion strategy and ensure the relationship between the company and its markets.

Offered in Gatineau and Saint-Jérôme.

Profile with options

Students wishing to explore multiple concentrations can sign up for the profile with options.

All about this program


  • Opportunity to study abroad for students in Gatineau.
  • Possibility for holders of a DEC in administrative techniques to be recognized up to ten courses, so to complete the BAC in 2 years.
  • Opportunity to participate in the Commerce Games and Happening Marketing .
  • $ 2000 scholarship automatically awarded to students with an R-rating of 31 or higher and admitted to the full-time Fall term.
  • Scholarships specifically designed for prospective students in administration.

A program for you if

  • You like to analyze, solve problems and make decisions
  • You are dynamic, versatile and have excellent adaptability
  • You have the ease to communicate and you can convince
  • You are interested in numbers and computing
  • You enjoy teamwork

All about this area

Employment prospects

  • International Affairs Advisor
  • Marketing Advisor
  • Human Resources Advisor
  • Chartered appraiser
  • Information System Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Financial planner
  • Owner or manager of a company

Employment sectors

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Private companies
  • Consulting firms
  • Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments
  • Financial institutions
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