Bachelor in Web and Interactive Media

Pennsylvania College of Technology

Program Description

Bachelor in Web and Interactive Media

Pennsylvania College of Technology

Bachelor in Web and Interactive Media

The Bachelor of Science in Web and Interactive Media at Penn College exposes students to the evolving and converging discipline labeled “Interactive Media”. Simply stated, interactive media deals with products and services which have been digitally created and respond to user actions. As an Interactive Media student at Penn College, you will learn how to integrate skills in web design/development, interactive marketing, social networking, digital communications, audio and video production, digital publishing, and production to create interactive, user-defined products and services. A career in this field requires a combination of skills in visual design, proficiency with technology, and the desire to be a lifelong learner.

Career Opportunities

Positions in Web and multimedia development include website design and development, social media marketing, instructional technologies, mobile development, app development, and digital publishing.

Recommended High School Subjects

Students should have completed coursework in the visual arts and math (three years) during high school. Additionally, students should have a solid background in written and oral communications and have taken a course in computer technology.

Special Equipment Needs

All entering students are required to own a laptop computer that is in good working order. The recommended laptop is an Apple MacBook. Majority of professional web designers and developers use Apple MacBooks as their primary means to complete web projects. students

Program Goals

A graduate of this major should be able to:

  • design a prototype of an interactive media project.
  • present to an audience an example of a professional-level interactive product.
  • evaluate the available technological alternatives to solve a problem where an interactive solution is being considered.
  • synthesize current technology developments into multimedia projects that engage the targeted audience.
  • apply principles of user interface design to interactive projects.
  • manage multidisciplinary projects that involve collaboration.

Performance Standards

Students must maintain a 'C' or greater in all BIM/BWM courses. The Web and Interactive Media major uses an A, B, C, and F grading scale in all BIM/BWM courses. Students should work closely with their advisers and with the program faculty to ensure that they are meeting all criteria for satisfactory progress in the program.


First Semester

  • FYE101 First Year Experience
  • BIM120 Social Media in Business and Society
  • BWM150 Introduction to Web Page Development
  • CSC124 Information, Technology, and Society
  • ENL111 English Composition I
  • MTH172 Introduction to Geometry

Second Semester

  • BWM170 Wireframing & Prototyping
  • BWM180 Web Design Principles
  • PHO150 Digital Photography
  • ENL121 English Composition II or
  • ENL201 Technical and Professional Communication
  • MHI Math Elective (MTH113 or Higher)

Third Semester

  • SPC101 Fundamentals of Speech
  • BIM220 Digital Video Production
  • BWM160 Introduction to Scripting and Databases
  • BWM252 Mastering Web Design Tools and Technologies
  • BWM254 Advanced Web Design Practices
  • FIT Fitness and Lifetime Sports Elective

Fourth Semester

  • BWM250 Creating Web Applications
  • BWM356 Advanced CSS
  • BIM230 Web and Organizational Security
  • LAS340 Electronic Media and Law
  • PSY111 General Psychology

Fifth Semester

  • OEA Open Elective / Associate
  • BIM Directed Web and Interactive Media Elective
  • BWM355 Interactive Animation
  • MKT240 Principles of Marketing
  • BWM290 Front-end Frameworks
  • FIT Fitness and Lifetime Sports Elective

Sixth Semester

  • BWM350 Interactive Scripting
  • MKT330 Advertising
  • COR Liberal Arts Elective
  • SCI Science Elective
  • BIM Directed Web and Interactive Media Elective

Seventh Semester

  • MKT360 Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • BWM450 Advanced Interactive Scripting
  • BWM359 Web Project Management
  • SCL Science Elective with lab
  • CUL Cultural Diversity Elective

Eighth Semester

  • BWM456 Device Development
  • BWM498 Web and Multimedia Senior Capstone
  • HUM Humanities Elective
  • HUM Humanities Elective or
  • SSE Social Science Elective or
  • ART Art Elective or
  • FOR Foreign Language Elective or
  • AAE Applied Arts Elective or
  • IFE International Field Experience Elective
  • OEA Open Elective / Associate
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