Bachelor in Visual Design

Raffles Milano - International Fashion and Design School

Program Description

Bachelor in Visual Design

Raffles Milano - International Fashion and Design School

Learning by doing is the principle at the root of the three-year courses at Raffles Milano, a training experience that structures the mind, provides a solid technical foundation and unleashes a desire to broaden your life horizons.


To design is to transform the world, from the simplest things right up to the most complex ones. Design is not just a discipline that teaches us how to invent and improve the material side of life: it is also an ideal model that teaches us how things both great and small are bound together by invisible threads. It is the art of change, responsibility, and commitment.

Professional opportunities

The visual designer is a creative who is also capable of coordinating the skills of a team specializing in a variety of disciplines. He also knows how to face, as the orchestra conductor, complex issues at stake in institutional communications, services, and products. This course enables students to acquire a methodology to use in the different phases of a project and its execution and to apply for employment as designers (in professional offices, agencies or organisations) or creative consultants for industrial or commercial firms, or – by opening an office of their own – to take the plunge as entrepreneurs of their own careers.

Who should attend

The course is intended for students who have a high school leaving diploma coming from either an Italian or a foreign university. Applicants will be expected to show a strong interest in design disciplines (visual, graphic, exhibition and digital design, lettering, photography and video), in social sciences (anthropology, theories of communication and mass media, sociology and semiology) and in the culture of the visual arts (art and design history). Students who attend this course are future designers of digital and analogical communication, creative directors, and brand experts.


An introductory phase (First Year) is followed by an intermediate one that focuses on a case study (Second Year) and then a completion process dedicated to the final project and portfolio (Third Year). From the groundwork of basic design to the grammar of typography, from graphic layout software programs to packaging, from motion graphics to interactive design, students learn all the disciplines related to visual design, combining techniques with technologies and their own cultural humus, so as to operate consciously in the complex scenarios of our contemporary society.


  • Graphic design.
  • Brand design.
  • Photography and video storytelling.
  • Art and design history.
  • Exhibition design and signage.
  • Digital design.
  • Interactive design.
  • Anthropology, sociology, semiology.
  • Theory of the mass media.
  • Marketing and research.

Design lecturers

They are well-founded professionals, authors of projects that have made their mark, and with many years of teaching experience. They have a wide and truly international vision.
They are part of a cohesive and productive group, and they love discussing the progress of courses, the opportunities that present themselves on the run and the performance of individual students.

Luca Barcellona
Designer and calligrapher
Lucio Lazzara
Andrea Braccaloni
Graphic designer
Marcello Francone
Art Director
Luisa Milani
Graphic designer
Armando Milani
Graphic designer
Matteo Balocco
UX & Web designer
Davide Calluori
Digital artist
Stefano Fabbri
Corrado Musmeci
Print expert
Giovanni Pelloso
Historian and critic
Maria Angela Polesana
Media sociologist
Lia Luzzatto
Color consultant
Chiara Grandesso
Graphic designer
Luigi Ciuffreda

Angelo Ferrara

Corporate branding Creative director

Francesco Dondina
Graphic designer
Maki Gherzi
Giuseppe Ardrizzo
Efrem Raimondi
Marco Cendron
Creative director
Laura Lisi
English teacher
Maria Candida Gentile
Mâitre parfumeur

In nearly thirty years of work, the Raffles Group has built up a substantial network of partners that participate in our three-year and Masters courses. These firms’ reputations and the quality of the relationships e have developed with them are a guarantee of a decidedly fertile meeting between education and business.

Adidas, Aigner, B&O - Bang & Olufsen, Boucheron, Brother, Bulgari, Burberry, C&A, Cartier, Chanel, Chloé, Design Business Chamber Singapore, Diesel, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Dunhill, Elle, Fendi, Fujifilm, Furniture Design Award Singapore, Giorgio Armani, H&M, Heinz, Hermes, Hogan, HP Technology, HSBC – Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, IKEA, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Kohler, Lear Corporation, Lego, Li & Fung, L'Oréal, Louis Vuitton, LVMH, Mahogany, Max Mara, MediaCorp, Metro, Michael Kors, Microsoft, Nippon Paint, Nokia, Orchard Road Business Association, Pepsi, Philips, Prada, Puma, Ralph Lauren, Redworks, Richemont, Richmond, Rolex, Saatchi & Saatchi, Saint Laurent Paris, Samsung, Shiseido, Siemens, Singapore Furniture Industries Council, Singapore Jewellers Association, Sony Pictures, Standard Chartered, Textile & Fashion Federation, Tiffany & Co., Valentino, Versace, Y&R, Yves Saint Laurent.

Monday talk

Every Monday evening at 6.00 p.m., Raffles Milano invites its students to meet one of the major personalities who walk the stage of design, style and design culture. Hearing the stories and ideas that influence the market and drive our mindset – straight from the horse’s mouth – is an amazing opportunity that adds substance to our academic programmes. Here is the agenda of meetings for the coming year.


The Three-Year Courses calls for a maximum participation of 20 students.
The candidates go through a selection process by means of an individual interview with the Course leader.

For further inquiries, please contact us.


  • European Union and EFTA students:
    8.000 euro I Income bracket
    10.000 euro II Income bracket
    12.000 euro III Income bracket
    15.000 euro IV Income bracket
  • Extra-European Union students:
    15.000 euro
  • ISEE Income bracket Chart:
    I Income bracket up to 40.000 euro
    II Income bracket from 40.001 to euro 70.000
    III Income bracket from 70.001 to euro 100.000
    IV Income bracket over 100.000 euro
  • Application fee:
    Candidates who want to apply for admission to our Three-year courses must pay an application fee of 100 euro.
This school offers programs in:
  • English
  • Italian

Last updated February 27, 2018
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Nov. 2018
3 years
Full time
8,000 EUR
European Union and EFTA students I Income bracket; 15000 euro Extra-European Union students.
Italy - Milan, Lombardy
Start date : Nov. 2018
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Nov. 2018
Italy - Milan, Lombardy
Application deadline Request Info
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