Bachelor in Tourism and Hotel Management


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Program Description

About the Program

Department of Tourism and Hotel Management is a program that aims to add theoretical and practical knowledge along with practice in the wellbeing and operationalization of the academic, within many sectors that can be public or private. Students gain the chance to develop themselves in many ways that the department provides, these consist of attending to appropriate seminars and conferences as well as actively participating in research and application of the knowledge in their summer training/internships. The Tourism and Hotel Management field is overloaded with many opportunities to full fill their knowledge and produce high-level skills that will be needed in their sector. The mission of the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management is to facilitate students in designing and portraying clear pathways towards their future careers. To be able to reach this aim the school provides them with many facilities; having high standards of lectures, school competitiveness and individual attention to tailoring based on the student requirements.


Educational Opportunities

The ultimate aim of Tourism and Hotel Management programs is to train students who not only develop their awareness toward the most recent international and national developments across the world but also are devoted to using the latest technological advancements in the tourism and hospitality industry. Students are required to succeed in generic business courses, specialized and tailor-made tourism and hospitality courses throughout their programs. Within the program, students are expected to use many daily skills related to communication-based on problem-solving skills, effective communication skills, and customer focus orientation skills. Language skills are an indivisible share of the Tourism curricula. Department of Tourism and Hotel Management additionally provides the students with more than just language skills but provides students the chance to learn elective language courses such as German, French, Italian, Russian and Chinese. Summer courses provide students the opportunities to put the learned theories into practice.

Career areas

Cyprus West University, Tourism and Hotel Management program intends to train individuals to master the necessary skills and qualifications within different areas such as (hospitality establishments, airlines, tour operators, travel agents, restaurants, car rental, etc.)The graduates of the Tourism and Hotel Management program are entirely accomplished in obtaining employment in chain or boutique hotels, holiday villages, tour operators, travel agents, airports or airlines, cruise liners. Moreover, the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management equips language skills, academic infrastructure, and the notion of ethical issues to those students who wish to pursue an academic career.

Admission Requirements

Required Documents

  1. High School Diploma & Transcript or National Certificate and & Transcript.
  2. English translation of Diploma & Transcript (if applicable).
  3. Passport Photocopy (including all the important pages).
  4. Results of SAT, IELTS or TOEFL (If available).
  5. Personal photo.

Admission Criteria:

American College Testing: Minimum 21 points.
General Certificate of Education (GCE): Having 2 A level or equivalent (4AS/8 IGCSE).
International Baccalaureate: Qualify for an IB diploma.
Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT): Minimum 900/1600.

Online Application


Applicants should complete the online application form. Here are the application steps:

  1. Start the application process by clicking on the Application Process Page.
  2. Fill and submit the Form.
  3. Use the PIN Code to log in to the Application Tracking System.
  4. Log in and review your application.
  5. Go to the Financial Section to make the payment.
  6. Collect Official Acceptance Letter and Payment Confirmation Letter.
  7. Get your Visa (if needed).
  8. Book your flight and fill the airport Pick up.

Tuition Fees

60% Scholarship is being offered to all international students in all departments and programs. To check our Tuition Fees for the upcoming intake, visit our Tuition Fees Page.

Language Requirements

English Proficiency Test

University’s programs are in the English Language, if the student hasn’t met the Following English Level requirements, he/she will be required to take the English Proficiency Exam.

English Requirements

  • IELTS – International English Language Testing System (minimum 5.0).
  • TOEFL IBT – Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (minimum 60).
  • TOEFL CBT – Computer-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (minimum 170).
  • TOEFL PBT – Paper-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (minimum 497).
  • GCE/IGCSE – General Certificate of Education/International General Certificate of Secondary Education (Minimum C).
  • FCE – First Certificate in English (Minimum C).
  • CPE/CAE Certificate of Proficiency in English/Certificate in Advanced English (Minimum C).
  • SAT – The SAT Reasoning Test (formerly Scholastic Aptitude Test):
    • Old SAT: Writing: Minimum 340, Reading: Minimum 400, Total: Minimum 800.
    • New SAT: English: 420.
  • PTE – Pearson Test of English: Minimum 36.


CWU offers a variety of scholarships to all its prospective and current students in undergraduate programs according to their level of success.

International Students Scholarship

All undergraduate level students are granted with 60% tuition fee scholarship in all departments.

Academic Scholarship

It covers 70%, 80% and 100% of the tuition. Scholarships of 70%, 80% and 100% for exceptionally successful prospective students. You shall apply for the scholarship by contacting our Scholarship Committee (

The applications are evaluated by the international student’s admission committee. Note: The academic scholarship covers (Fall & Spring semesters).

Duration for the scholarship: 4 years in the program of study, plus 1 year in the English Language Preparatory Program (if required).

Academic Achievement Scholarship

Registered undergraduate students who have studied for at least two semesters and who have achieved at least 3.00 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) and 3.50 Grade Point Average (GPA), receive a CWU academic achievement scholarship of 25% to 75% reduction in their tuition fees, depending on their academic status.

Financial Aid Program

Financial Aid program designated for highly qualified undergraduate students with limited financial resources. After you have been admitted, you may apply for a financial grant if you meet the following requirements: have received an Acceptance Letter from the admission office and having limited financial resources.


If you are eligible for the financial aid program, the amount of the award will depend upon your financial need and your academic qualifications. Grants are awarded regardless of your race, color, gender, religion or national origin.

You may download the Financial Aid Application, fill it, and gather all the required documents and send it to our Scholarship Committee email (

Last updated Jul 2020

About the School

Cyprus West University was established in 2015 and located in Northern Cyprus. As a higher-education institution, it symbolizes the contemporary aspect of Cyprus which is a historical and cultural cen ... Read More

Cyprus West University was established in 2015 and located in Northern Cyprus. As a higher-education institution, it symbolizes the contemporary aspect of Cyprus which is a historical and cultural center of the Mediterranean. Read less