Bachelor in Tourism, Hospitality and Food Economics


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Program Description

Singidunum University is the leading higher education institution in the region educating tourism and hospitality experts. Four-year studies at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management are designed to meet the needs of those who have decided to pursue a successful career in the tourism industry - currently the most wide-spread and the fastest growing industry worldwide.

The teaching process in this study program is based on a multidisciplinary approach. Namely, particular attention is devoted to gaining knowledge and skills in the field of economics, IT and foreign language learning. The internship is an integral part of this study program. The study program Tourism and Hospitality will give students the opportunity to develop professional and personal skills, and successfully prepare for the leading positions in their respective fields. Besides available elective options related to tourism and hospitality, we have also started educating experts in the field of food economics.

Besides the currently available options within the study program Tourism and Hospitality, Singidunum University has started educating experts in the field of food economics. In addition to the general courses related to economics and tourism, the students who choose this option will attend some expert courses, such as restaurant industry, international gastronomy, food technology, food and sustainable development, principles of recreation and nutrition, etc. The students at the study option Food Economics should become conversant with a microbiological, chemical, physical and sensory quality of food. They should also learn about the technological processes of food production, their nutritive value, the system of food quality in restaurants and retail chains, cultural and geographic aspects of food. Apart from that, they shall also acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the fields of economics, in order to be able to successfully manage food distribution and sales.

United Nations World Touristic Organization awards quality certificates to Bachelor and Master study programs in Tourism and Hospitality.

According to the survey conducted among the graduates who are members of the ALUMNI association, the students who successfully complete this program can seek employment in various fields:

  • Tourist guide
  • Sales manager in tourist agencies
  • Tourist agency manager
  • Tourist agency marketing manager
  • Planning and analysis sector manager
  • Internal control manager in hotel enterprises
  • Internal audit manager in hotel enterprises
  • Receptionist
  • Front office manager
  • Food and Beverages Sector Manager
  • Marketing and Sales Sector Manager
  • Hotel General Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Rent-a-car Agency Manager
  • Airline manager
  • Catering Manager
  • Global Distribution System Manager
  • Cruise Company Manager
  • Tourism Organization Manager
  • Associate in local, regional and national tourist organizations
  • Wellness Center Manager
  • Convention Bureau Manager
  • National Park Manager
  • Aqua Park Manager
  • Theme Park Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Tourism Sector Executive within the transport company
  • Ethno Village Manager
  • Commercial Operations Executive within the transport company
  • Corporate Travel Manager
  • Destination Management Company Manager
  • Associate for tourism-related issues in public sector
  • Associate-public event planning
  • Teacher in vocational secondary schools
  • Restaurant and Catering Manager
  • Associate in cultural institutions
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Human Resources Manager

All course materials are included in the tuition fee.

The entrance exam for the study program Tourism and Hospitality Management comprises the following parts:

  • An interview in English and Serbian on the proposed topics in the area of Tourism and Hospitality.

Upon online registration, the student shall receive optional topics to be discussed during the entrance exam.

Upon successful completion of studies, the students shall be awarded an academic title of Bachelor of Arts in Economics (BA in Economics).


This study program comprises three modules:

  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Food Economics


Year I

  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Economics of Tourism
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Accounting
  • Business Information Technology
  • English Language 1
  • Second Foreign Language 1

Year II

  • Management
  • Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Elective Course 1
    • Tourism Destination Management
    • Human Resources Management in Hospitality
    • International Gastronomy
  • Tourism Law
  • Tourism and Space
  • Organizational Behavior and Corporate Culture
  • English Language 2
  • Second Foreign Language 2

Year III

  • Hotel Management
  • Management of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators
  • Elective Course 2
    • Financial Business in Tourism
    • Financial Business in Hospitality
    • Restaurant Service
  • Information Systems in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Natural and Cultural Resources Management
  • English Language 3
  • Second Foreign Language 3
  • Vocational Training in the Fields of Tourism, Hospitality and Food Economics

Year IV

  • Health Aspects of Tourism
  • Consumer Behavior and Protection In Tourism
  • Elective Course 3
    • Sustainable Tourism
    • Hotel Design and Planning
    • Food Science and Technology
  • Elective Course 4
    • Economic and Financial Analysis in Tourism
    • Economic and Financial Analysis in Hospitality
  • Elective Course 5
    • Thematic Tourism
    • Quality Management in the Hotel Industry
    • Food Safety
  • English Language 4
  • Second Foreign Language 4
  • Practical Research and Business Skills
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Singidunum University is a higher education institution that offers its students modern curricula and teaching methods resembling those of the renowned university centers. Our goal is to empower young ... Read More

Singidunum University is a higher education institution that offers its students modern curricula and teaching methods resembling those of the renowned university centers. Our goal is to empower young people to be competitive in the market and keep pace with contemporary tendencies and business trends. Read less
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