Bachelor in Tourism Event Management


Program Description

Bachelor in Tourism Event Management

The I.F.T.'s BA Tourism Event Management is a programme designed with the modern hospitality professional in mind. The programme includes more than 40 courses, an internship (third year) and thesis writing. Following courses are on the list inter alia:

Event Planning and Coordination

This course will focus on the role of event planning, coordination, and operations, firstly from choosing a venue, and understanding the site selection process. On completion of this course, the student will understand the importance of planning to ensure the success of an event, construct an appropriate vision and mission for an event. The course will develop to identifying that creativity plays a central role in successful event operation. A focus will also be placed on present trends and innovations in the event industry. The students will investigate new approaches, materials, and equipment being utilized to operate events ranging from a conference to an exhibition to a mega event.

Introduction to Events Industry

The meetings, incentives, conferences exhibitions (M.I.C.E.) and events sector of the tourism industry has experienced tremendous growth globally, with many destinations already investing in major M.I.C.E. facilities. This course will reflect on the growth of the M.I.C.E. and events industry. It will focus on the convention industry in its present state. Identifying the size, value, trends, and growth of major convention destinations throughout the world. Students will also learn about various professional organizations within the M.I.C.E. and events industry, and certifications available in the event field.

Event Management: Hosting an Event

The course aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and tools for successfully researching, planning, organising, implementing and evaluating an event at I.F.T..

Under the direction of a faculty supervisor, the class will be given the opportunity to plan, promote, operate and evaluate a live event the students will draw upon the skills and knowledge they have developed during the second year to run a successful event at I.F.T.

An important component of this course is on project management orientation, whereby students will be taught project management skills and tools to effectively plan, budget, schedule, allocate resources, form project teams, understand team dynamics and monitor the progress of the project.


The aim of the 6-month undergraduate internship programme is to provide students the opportunity to:

  • Develop skills and competencies for the diversity of occupations and professions in the hospitality and tourism industries and to further explore career directions.

Enhance the knowledge they attained in their academic coursework via practice and real-life application of the concepts and principles they have mastered. Networking with professionals, executives, and members of the industry, allowing students to develop professional partnerships and industry connections. Engage in self-learning and pursue topics of interests that can be the subject for their future personal studies. Gain actual work experience and enable them to be functionally ready and effective in their future employment. Explore and carry out entrepreneurial and other creative initiatives.

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