How We're Different

  1. Each full-time professor has a mandatum from the Bishop of the Diocese of Grand Rapids or the Archbishop of Detroit.
  2. Graduates readily find employment in parishes in the Dioceses of Grand Rapids, Lansing and the Arch-Diocese of Detroit.
  3. Many graduates go on to graduate studies in theology at schools like Notre Dame, Boston College, Marquette, Catholic University of America and Villanova.
  4. A six-course Certificate in Theological Studies enables students to apply for diocesan master catechist status.
  5. Each full-time professor teaches courses in the Catholic Studies program.
  6. One theology professor has twice been a Fulbright Scholar in Ukraine and another gives dozens of theological talks at local Catholic gatherings.
  7. In cooperation with the Diocese of Grand Rapids, the department is developing a youth ministry major and minor.
  8. For any semester, students may request to study biblical languages, Greek or Hebrew.
  9. Students have the opportunity to engage in a directed study of St. Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae.
  10. Every other year a theology professor offers a course on The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Major Requirements

Thirty-six (36) credit hours. Required courses:

  • TY120
  • TY131
  • TY170
  • TY250
  • TY293
  • TY345
  • One or two courses in Sacred Scripture
  • One course in Spirituality
  • One Senior Capstone Course in Theology
  • Twelve (12) credit hours of Theology electives

As of 2015-2016, the following courses can serve as the senior capstone: TY400, TY293, and TY345. At least twenty-one (21) credits should be earned at Aquinas College.


  • TY120 Sacraments (3) TF
  • TY131 Bible as Story (3) TF
  • TY170 Wrestling with God (3) TF
  • TY250 Christian Morality (3) TF
  • TY293 Christology (3) SC
  • TY345 Church and Spirit (3) SC
  • TY400 Senior Seminar (Variable) (3) SC

Program taught in:
  • English

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Last updated June 2, 2019
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