Bachelor in Sustainable Innovative Economics


Program Description

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The Bachelor’s program integrates fundamental training in the areas of modern economic theory, mathematics, information processing technologies, statistics, econometrics with a focus on innovative and ecological approaches. The program is provided in cooperation with a partner university in China. Students study for 2 years at INRTU and 2 years at Shandong University in China. Upon successful graduation, the students will be awarded two diplomas: Russian and Chinese state standard “Bachelor of Economics”.

Competencies and Skills

  • ability to carry out economic analysis, evaluate risks and solution potentials, estimate economic efficiency of projects and programs;
  • ability to estimate innovations’ potential and apply them to the real economic sector;
  • management skills to develop and implement strategy;
  • knowledge in environmental approaches in economics as well as skills to profit from ecological solutions of waste recycling, recyclable materials use, water treatment, air purification, and “green” technologies application.

Educational modules include:

  • Mathematical analysis;
  • Linear algebra;
  • Probability theory and mathematical statistics;
  • Fundamentals of economic theory;
  • Microeconomics;
  • Macroeconomics;
  • Environmental economics;
  • Econometrics;
  • Accounting;
  • Social and economic statistics;
  • Innovative economics;
  • Institutional economics.

Length of study: 4 years 

Tuition fee per year: 200,000 RUB ( ~ 3,100 USD)

Internship and Career Opportunities

This program provides excellent preparation for a range of internships and careers in Russia, China, or any other country. But we particularly welcome students who want to learn economics, rather than simply prepare themselves for a prosperous future.

Over the past two decades, many INRTU graduates have chosen to have internships and then to pursue their careers in the financial sector, which can include positions involving economic analysts as well as those in banking or hedge funds. Increasingly, many have also preferred to take up positions as economic or management consultants, to join banks, their home country’s government economic service, or international organizations. Some graduates of the program pursue quite different careers, whether as professional accountants and auditors, engaging in entrepreneurial activity, marketing, innovation, or in entirely different fields.

A significant number of students choose to go on graduate study not just in economics but also in finance, management, development, economic history, and other fields. Baikal School of BRICS strives to teach students of these particular areas of interest to understand the rewards of engagement in economics research and the benefits of interaction with faculty and leading economists visitors.


Baikal School of BRICS provides students with an unparalleled opportunity to obtain two degrees -one Russian and one Chinese, from INRTU and Shandong university correspondingly. Implemented with the academic support of the Shandong university, this program combines top Russian and Chinese standards of higher education in economics and finance.

Graduates of this program have a unique advantage of continuing their studies or beginning their careers anywhere in the world.

Entrance Examination

  • English language (or provide TOEFL iBT 80, IELTS 6.0 or equivalent)
  • Mathematics
Last updated Aug 2020

About the School

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Irkutsk National Research Technical University (INRTU) is a leading research university in Eastern Siberia and ranks among the most innovative and perspective. It provides a wide range of higher education and vocational training courses for a strong and diverse community of learners. Read less