This program, recruiting at the bac and diploma level at Bac 3, forms operational profiles corresponding to the real needs of the sector. Highly professionalizing, the Bachelor SMS program (baccalaureate 3) allows to enter the world of sport business from the first job.


Bachelor Year 3 September Monday and Tuesday Yes 6 months Exchange semester Professional dissertation Marketing case (1st semester)
1 semester 100% in English

* Certificate of graduation from Business Development Manager, Level 2, delivered by SMS under partnership agreement with WIBS International Business School.

Year 1: The Basics of Sport Business

Fundamental Courses

  • Economy
  • Fundamental Marketing
  • Sales techniques
  • Introduction to Law
  • Media communication tools
  • Market studies
  • Business English LV2 (Spanish or German)

Sport Business

  • History of sport
  • French and international sports movement
  • Private structures in sport
  • Introduction to the sport economy
  • Sports marketing
  • Knowledge of associations and the public service

Year 2: Apprenticeship

Fundamental Courses - General Matters

  • Public relations and community management
  • General Marketing
  • Communication plan and implementation
  • Event project management
  • Corporate law
  • Partnership File
  • Business development
  • Business english LV2 (Spanish or German)

Specific Courses - Sport Business

  • History of sport
  • Business focus: events
  • Olympic Games: Paris 2024
  • Sport Economics
  • Sports marketing

Year 3: Professionalization

Fundamental Courses - General Matters

  • Marketing strategies and activations
  • Introduction to e-business
  • Branding and communication strategy
  • Consumer and product strategy
  • Webmarketing strategy
  • Hospitality strategic forecasting and budgeting

Specific Courses - Sport Business

  • Sports and journalism
  • Sports marketing management
  • International governance
  • Sports conferences
  • Charity and local authorities
  • Sports speakers

Professional Memory

Continuing Course on the 3 Years of Bachelor

Personal and Sports Development

  • Analysis and synthesis of documents
  • Self-awareness
  • Construction of the professional project
  • In-situ studies projects in the company
  • Missions and tutoring
  • Media training and writing workshops
  • Practice of sport in competition
  • Associative life of the school

Opening to the World of Professional Sport

  • Team Building: integration seminar
  • Human management and leadership learning
  • Case Studies and Conferences
  • Meetings of professionals and testimonials
  • Professional conferences
  • Organization of the SMS Forum of Sports Trades
  • Visits, audit and analysis of federal and international institutions of sport and professional clubs

Program taught in:
  • French
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This course is Campus based
Start Date
Oct 2019
3 years
26,100 EUR
1st year: 8700 €; 2nd year: 8700 €; 3rd year: 8700 €
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Oct 2019
End Date
Sep 2022
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Oct 2019

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