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Program Description

Software Engineering

Software Engineering (SWE) is a computing as well as an engineering discipline based on requirement analysis, design, construction, testing, maintenance, and managing the economics of software engineering. It is relatively a recent discipline that applies the principles of computer science, mathematics, and engineering to achieve high quality and cost-effective solutions to software problems in a systematic, controlled, and efficient manner.

The Department of Software Engineering was established in 2006 after the Ministry of Higher Education and Academic Research accredited a program at the Bachelor’s Degree level in software engineering. The study began in the department at the beginning of the first semester in the academic year 2006/2007.

Why Software Engineering

Software Engineering, according to IEEE, is applying the principles of engineering to software development. In other words it applies well-defined principles and methods of engineering to develop a high quality software. On the other hand, a Software engineer is a person whose main responsibility is applying Software engineering principles to analyze, design, develop and maintain the software (Software life cycle).

Some people get confused between software engineering and computer science. One thing should be clear; they both require programming skills. Computer science focuses on “computing”, such as algorithms, programming languages, artificial intelligence and hardware design. While Software engineering focuses on all aspects of building high quality software.

Every industry, company or organization today depends on software systems, which makes the software engineering profession in demand everywhere. Software based companies, which has the most influence on the world, tend to follow software engineering principles especially since current software systems have become much more complex.

In Software development work environment, software engineers could work on different fields including requirements analysis, design, quality assurance, and programming. Software engineers are familiar with most aspects related to the software development lifecycle.

Career Opportunities

The need for highly skilled software engineers is growing daily. Graduates from the SWE program will have various career opportunities in the software and IT industry including the followings:

  • Software developer
  • Software architect
  • Software designer
  • Software systems analyst
  • Software testing engineer
  • Software quality assurance engineer
  • Software maintenance engineer
  • Software project manager

Program Information

The B.Sc. degree in SWE is a 4 years’ program. It requires 132 credit hours distributed as follows:

  • University Requirements: (27) Credit Hours
  • Compulsory University Requirements. (12) Credit Hours
  • Elective University Requirements. (15) Credit Hours
  • Compulsory Faculty Requirements. (25) Credit Hours
  • Major (Program) Requirements: (80) Credit Hours
  • Compulsory Major Requirements. (30) Credit Hours
  • Ancillary Major Requirements. (41) Credit Hours
  • Elective Major Requirements. (9) Credit Hours
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About the School

AAU Started providing academic services in 1990, Al-Ahliyya Amman University (AAU) was the first private university and pioneer of private education in Jordan.

AAU Started providing academic services in 1990, Al-Ahliyya Amman University (AAU) was the first private university and pioneer of private education in Jordan. Read less