Bachelor in Social Work


Program Description

As this program is taught entirely in Portuguese, candidates must be able to speak and write Portuguese or be willing to learn the language.



  • Forming qualified professionals that act in a creative, innovative and enterprising way, at the level of the process of social requalification and of intervention on the social damages generated in the actual process of sustainability of the system.
  • To qualify competitive social workers, facing the dynamics of transformation, for the job market in Social Work.
  • Triangulate knowledge, investigation, and action as a tool to prepare the professional futures in terms of the changes that are verified in the social paradigm.
  • To reinforce competences of the conventional model of action in the field of social action and of social politics and on a less conventional level of the administration and administration of institutions, services or equipment.
  • Develop the students' competences to allow a sustained community intervention, at the level of street teamwork or in planning, consulting and auditing projects, programs, and services of the social sector.

Professional Opportunities

Social Security, Health, Local Government, Justice, Labor and Education, Psychotherapeutic and Psychosocial Intervention, Education itself for teaching.

Entry Requirements

International candidates must fulfill one of the following conditions:

  • To hold a qualification that gives them the right to apply and access to higher education in the country where it was obtained. The document to be submitted must state the final classification and must be validated by the competent authority of that country.
  • To hold a diploma of Portuguese secondary education or an equivalent degree. The latter case requires the submission of a document that proofs the equivalence of the non-Portuguese course to the Portuguese education system, stating the final classification.


The following applies only to local Portuguese candidates:

  • Final classification of Secondary School -50%.
  • Classification of Entrance Exams- 50%.
  • Group of entrance tests (national exams of the following disciplines): 04-economy 11-History 18-Portuguese (Of this group it only is necessary)
Last updated Sep 2019

About the School

One of the oldest University Institutions of Private Higher Education in Portugal, with more than seven decades of existence.

One of the oldest University Institutions of Private Higher Education in Portugal, with more than seven decades of existence. Read less