Bachelor in Russian Studies and Siberia Studies


Program Description

Program Details

  • Direction: Political Sciences and Regional Studies
  • Level: Bachelor's Degree
  • Subject: Russian Regional Study
  • Code: 41.03.02
  • Degree or qualification: Bachelor
  • Language of instruction: Russian
  • Mode of study: full-time
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Price: 183,300 RUB per year
  • Program website:
  • Program manager: Dmitriy Khaminov
  • Telephone: +7903-914-66-99
  • E-mail:


The Bachelor’s Program “Siberia: Area studies and business communication” is a full-time program with a focus on Siberia as a vital area both in Russia and in the world. The Program allows to explore the region through study of its business culture, political institutions, economics, and language. We believe that the best way to study the region is to be deeply involved in its everyday life, communication, and culture.

The program consists of three major modules.

Module 1. Russian language and sociocultural adaptation
  • Goal:  Mastering the linguistic, communicative, and analytical skills necessary for the further successful study of a particular region and general study disciplines.
Module 2. Russian area studies. Siberian studies
  • The core courses (Russian Area Studies).
Module 3. Practical training and internships
  • Year 1 and 2: Language study through practical communications and adaptation to the sociocultural environment.
  • Places of internship: Volunteers organization of Tomsk State University, Park for socio-humanitarian technologies, etc.
  • Year 3 and 4: Professional internships
  • Places of internship: Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Centre for Smart Technologies Development, Business Incubator, etc.

The academic curriculum provides students with the research and analytical skills for their further postgraduate study in Russia or abroad. Graduate qualification work should be fulfilled here as a graduation thesis. There is an option to continue education in the field of Russian Area Studies at the Master’s Degree Program “Siberia in Russia and abroad”.



Applications period: from 15 January to 10 July annually.

All applicants are encouraged to apply early and take their time presenting their best effort via registration on the website It takes about 3 months from the day of application until the arrival in Tomsk.

Entrance exams:
  • Written test in History 
  • Written test in the Russian language

Entrance exams can be passed in a distance form. There is an option to pass the exams right after the application submission.


Skills and Knowledge

The Bachelor’s Program “Siberia: Area studies and business communication” equips students with the following skills and knowledge:

  • To be proficient in oral and written Russian at the level of free day-to-day and professional communication: level B2 (Vantage Level, post-threshold level).
  • To know and understand geographical, historical, political, social, economic, legal, cultural, and other features of Russia and its regions.
  • To get their bearings in the most common and professional situations in modern Russian society.
  • To assess the resources, capabilities, and potential of international cooperation with Russian regions.
  • To analyze the current social, political, and economic situation in Russia and abroad, to make scientifically based forecasts.

Where to work?

  • Private and public companies and joint ventures working in Russia;
  • Consulting agencies and think tanks;
  • Organizations for international cooperation (foundations, agencies, missions, intergovernmental organizations);
  • Mass media;
  • Business and non-profit organizations working in the fields of culture, tourism, and hospitality.


Last updated Jun 2020

About the School

TSU is the oldest university in Russian Asia, in Siberia, that was founded in 1878 in Tomsk, Russia. It was the First Siberian Imperial University.

TSU is the oldest university in Russian Asia, in Siberia, that was founded in 1878 in Tomsk, Russia. It was the First Siberian Imperial University. Read less