Bachelor in Radio, Television and Cinema


Program Description

In recent years, the audiovisual industries have gained a great momentum in Turkey. Filmmakers receive international awards at major film festivals, and Turkish series are watched by millions worldwide. Taking advantage of new media possibilities, these fields go beyond all borders and create their own audiences. These developments require a new understanding and know-how of cinema and broadcasting that is independent and creative.

Alumni profile

Our students learn not only the theories and methods of "seeing" and "showing" but also acquire skills regarding the management of all processes related to cinema and broadcasting. They gain a vision which will lead them through the changes that these fields are constantly going through. We are raising a free-thinking new generation of filmmakers and broadcasters. They do not only produce works that are in accordance with the requirements of the communication era, but are also capable of promoting, selling, distributing and analyzing these works.

Why KHas Radio, Television and Cinema?

Our curriculum is taught by a first-rate faculty comprised of graduates of internationally renowned universities and experts who actively work in the industry. Through effective advice offered by this faculty, our students are guided at the end of their second year towards tracks that will provide them with a specialized set of skills. They are free to choose either Cinema or Broadcasting as a specialization track. Alternatively, they can select to complete a liberal arts program by taking courses from a wider selection of elective courses.

The track system allows our students to receive a comprehensive education in the wider field of communication, while also acquiring expertise in a specific field. At graduation, students who have completed a track receive a certificate of proficiency along with their diplomas.

Additionally, they can of course complete a double major and/or a minor program to expand their fields of expertise.

Relations with the sector

Many leading names in the industry such as director Zeki Demirkubuz, cinematographer Hayk Kirakosyan, editor Çiçek Kahraman, director Tan Tolga Demirci and producer/director Tunç Şahin teach in our department. A pioneer of Turkish-German cinema, director Tevfik Başer, and the former head of the Turkish Film Critics Association (SİYAD) Melis Behlil are among our full-time faculty. Pusula Academy which functions within the Communications Faculty at Kadir Has prepares our students for the world of broadcasting through practical training supported by insights provided by the experienced TV reporter Mithat Bereket and the Pusula team.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Our department provides opportunities for study abroad through the Erasmus program in many European countries such as Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and the UK, as well as through a special student exchange program with Montana State University in the US. Additionally, we have a double degree agreement with Coventry University in the UK where students who complete their senior year in the relevant department at Coventry can graduate with a dual diploma.

Career Opportunities

Our alumni can:

  • work as producers, writers, cameramen, directors, editors in the television, film and advertising industries,
  • be program directors or curators at film festivals, museums and other alternative exhibition venues,
  • write articles and critiques on cinema and television in newspapers, magazines and online publications,
  • continue their graduate studies in the fields of communication, particularly in Cinema and Television.
Last updated Feb 2020

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Kadir Has University (KHU) was founded in 1997, in Istanbul. The university, with its five faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Communication, Law and Fine Arts, as well as its several vocational schools, is dedicated to becoming a leader in educational and cultural fields in Turkey, as well as establishing itself as an international center for research and scientific development. Read less