Bachelor in Psychology


Program Description

As this program is taught entirely in Portuguese, candidates must be able to speak and write Portuguese or be willing to learn the language.


Currently, the roles and duties of the professionals of Psychology imply that they possess knowledge in various fields of Psychology and related fields, since only this way they can perform its activity based on a holistic and integrative perspective of human behavior. In this sense, the 1st cycle in Psychology aims to provide students with basic knowledge and skills levels theoretical-conceptual and research in the various fields of Psychology and related fields.

This cycle of studies includes the following scientific areas:

  • Social Sciences
  • Biology
  • Methodologies Applied Psychology
  • Psychology

As a whole, these areas are intended to develop the following skills:

  • To comprehend the phenomenon in social and human sciences.
  • Contextualize the bases of human behavior.
  • To gain knowledge of the biological fundaments of behavior.
  • Identify and delimitate the main stages of the methodological process.
  • To know how to use correctly the statistical techniques.
  • Identify and integrate the sensory, perceptional, motivational and affective processes of attention.
  • To recognize and apply in the educational and clinical contexts the learning and memory theories and models.
  • Assimilate the concepts and mechanisms inherent to the processing of information.
  • Deepen knowledge the models of human development throughout one’s life cycle.
  • To know, comprehend and apply the methods of evaluation and observation in diverse contexts of intervention.
  • Recognize and apply the main procedures of psychometric evaluation.
  • Identify the psychosocial determinants of health and disease.
  • Apprehend models and techniques in organizational psychology.

Finally, it should also be mentioned among the objectives of the 1st cycle, to stimulate student participation in the construction of their training, they can choose different courses related to more specific areas of psychological knowledge (Optional Curricular Units).

Professional Opportunities

Hospitals, Health Centers, Schools, Public Administration, Non-Governmental Organizations, Education.

Entry Requirements

International candidates must fulfill one of the following conditions:

  • To hold a qualification that gives them the right to apply and access to higher education in the country where it was obtained. The document to be submitted must state the final classification and must be validated by the competent authority of that country.
  • To hold a diploma of Portuguese secondary education or an equivalent degree. The latter case requires the submission of a document that proofs the equivalence of the non-Portuguese course to the Portuguese education system, stating the final classification.


The following applies only to local Portuguese candidates:

Foreseen by government decree 296-A/98 of the 25th of September, altered by the decrees: 99/99 of the 30th of March, 26/2003 of the 7th of February, 76/2004 of the 27th of March, 158/2004 of the 30th of June, 147-A /2006 of the 31st of July, 40/2007 of the 20th of February and 45/2007 of the 23rd of February and for the Law n.90/2008, of the 30th of May.


  • Final Classification of Secondary School 50%
  • Classification of the Entrance Exams of 50%
  • Entrance exams (national exams of the following disciplines) proofs: 02 biology and Geology (B) 02 Biology and Geology (G) 11 History18 Portuguese (Of this group one exam is enough).
Last updated Feb 2020

About the School

One of the oldest University Institutions of Private Higher Education in Portugal, with more than seven decades of existence.

One of the oldest University Institutions of Private Higher Education in Portugal, with more than seven decades of existence. Read less